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Be aware!

Someone is trying to follow me and send private messages along with their email addresses with a so called 'gift'. If you click on these it freezes your screen and you cannot get get out of it. The only way I found was to delete. Otherwise I would have reported this person as it looks like scamming to me. Thought I should make people aware of this person.

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Will keep an eye open.

I had a problem on another site regard a private message. Within the Health Unlocked stable


This is one of the reasons i left sight spammers, never reveal email or phone number only to trusted members which you have built a bond with, you need to report this but I am sure you have already xx take care x


Hi Georje,

Thanks so much for your post.

We have banned the user from HealthUnlocked. Please contact whenever you experience something like this and we will take care of it.

Best wishes!


Thanks for the warning Georje,


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


I received on as well!


Hello dear how are you doing today over there in your country i hope everything is moving fine is me favour please i have a gift to you ...

glorykonan 2 days ago


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