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Is It Just Me That's Slow.Mattcass

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3 A&E Doc's said they would refer me to a pain Clinic 2 Physio's said the same over the last 4 weeks, Do I just sit tight and hope someone contacts me.or do they hope the pain just goes away.NOT!! I get fed up when they say to you what would your pain level be between One to Ten. Well unknown to me one day Mark took a photograph of me when he picked me up from work I was annoyed at first then Mark said show them the photo of what your RA does to you the pain turns you from a normal happy go lucky person into a snivvling wreck.Matt

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Oh dear..I think I would probably phone them Matt. The more I read posts on this site the more I realise how long it takes to get anything ring them Matt.x

Hi matt, ring them. If I've learnt anything from life it's that you have to fight your corner x

Yes I think be proactive , phone the painclincand ask where you arson the list. Things go" missing" in the nhs so I would check xxx

Oh Matt phone them until you get a date xxx

It took ages before I actually got to see someone from the pain clinic Matt so you have my sympathies. I waited for what seemed an eternity, had a 10 minute interview and have now been put back on a waiting list for the pain clinic physio to contact me. No word so far - it's only been several months. ggrrr

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I am waiting for a psych evaluation before i go into the pain clinic,so i know how hard it is. We are down there next week i will go and have a word i

Oh Matt, it's just hopeless, go ahead and phone otherwise you will just be left to suffer!! I have been waiting six weeks now for urgent referral for pancreas and I have not heard a word yet, unless we chase and chase we get nowhere. It's cruel to be left in such pain but I am thinking now we RA sufferers are the forgotten ones of the NHS, just left to get on with it. Please ring them, and I hope you can get an urgent appoIntment.m. Take care, lynda x


Just have to wait I suppose, those departments can be busy, although you will get a lot out of the course


its the dead slow speed that the hospital cogs turn that really drives me mad, I have never been a patient person - as my poor long suffering hubby will tell you - but gees I think the speed of hospital !!! it takes forever

You have my sympathy - call them it cant do any harm


Hi I know what that feels like I'm in agony day in day out with oa in both knees had chondroplasty on left 1 last July must say no better

I would ring them Matt no hesitation. You so badly need the help to sort you out. Hugs from me to you and one for the lovely Fran.xxxxx

I would ring them Matt. It is the same in Oz unless you have loads of money to pay for private care you wait forever.

Oh I so feel for you. I finally lost the plot as was at my wits end with pain. Emailed my RA consultant and finally she phoned my GP!! I was told my GP had to do the referral. I got an appointment in 3 weeks which lasted an hour and I couldn't fault the man. I am now getting acupuncture, tens machine and awaiting for a spinal pain block to be put in, mind 3 month waiting list. I would phone the pain clinic and say to them how bad the pain is. Your GP should refer you as urgent!! The pain man did tell me there was drugs they could try for night time but they weren't sedatives!!! I really hope you get sorted soon and take care Michelle.

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