So it's that easy!!!

Awesome! I've just got a message on here from someone offering to do a healing spell for me. AND IT'S ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS SO IT MUST BE GENUINE AND UTTERLY RELIABLE.

Can't wait to get going. I don't have a live chicken to slaughter, so I've got one out the freezer. I hope that will be acceptable.

In real life, in the real world, where most people still are not looking to make a quick buck out of others' suffering and desperation, I have not replied.

Has anyone else had this message?

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  • Nope, my friends dog has just eaten a pheasant (it was dead but still...) shame I could of bagged it up & sent it to you!

  • Yes I had this message too. Some strange people about.

  • I think I had same chap message me and leave a upper case message on a post I put on a different community. With some reluctance I did report it and it's now gone - it was so tempting what with suggestion that my abilities as a lover would be improved by his healing techniques - an email address and all!

  • PS The comment selling his wares and methods was on a question post I put on Vasculitis UK's HU, I have just checked and it was deleted. I also deleted the PM I received straight away and didn't give it another thought. We on these communities are too vulnerable on to be trifled with in this way so I just eradicated him from my message inbox.

  • Yup, I had the same message, there were nine of us who were sent the pm - I read it as soon as I received the alert & the username & icon changed indicating the account had been deleted. I did reply saying "So why post the above to this select few & then delete your account?" not thinking the poster wouldn't see it doh!

    It's bloomin marvellous though how this "Doctor" & his spells can solve all our problems though! Why did we ever bother with going to our regular GP's & Rheumies?!!!

  • Just been talking to my h about this & he says (the 2 email addresses/websites, unsure as I haven't checked them out) is a Russian search engine & many scammers use it because it's nigh on impossible to track down who's using them.

  • No but my response would have been the same. I feel they're trifling with our feelings

  • I realised when I took another look that the message had gone to quite a few people. And saw your reply, heels.

    Some of these spammers are so bizarre but presumably somebody, somewhere falls for it? It would make me laugh were it not for the obvious intention to exploit people.

  • Sorry, just seen this Christina, how daft am I replying when they'd deleted their account? What got my goat even more was the shouty capitals, I really dislike that & it got my back up from the start. It concerns me that people in a vulnerable position desperate for some help will fall for this type of mumbo jumbo.

  • I havnt received a message but do admit to having an ex mother in law who is still obviously active in daughters life, who assures me she has healing hands and can heal my RA and fibromyalgia, all because she has helped friends in the past with swollen feet etc, i couldnt help but laugh at her and state that if she could cure my ills she would be a billionaire but she still insists that she can cure me, it makes my blood actually boil at the sheer cheek and just downright audacity of her to presume my ills are nothing that cant be healed by her so called healing hands..... She leaves me speechless actually...😡

  • No but I have s teenager you could slaughter . It's less use than a chicken. It doesn't lay eggs

  • Do I sense friction within the happy home Jo lol? Hope things are ok otherwise. x

  • No we are fine . Just teenagers don't really have a purpose xx im ok . Battling on . Will get that meet up with you to put the world to rights soon xxx

  • Teenagers! The toughest call ever. I remember it well, unfortunately! Funny how they turn out okay ...... eventually.


  • Got mine too. As usual I'm last to look!! Messages are watched by NRAS , for our safety if we report them x

  • My first daft question of the day (like to start early) - how do we report messages? That's why I posted - because I couldn't see how to alert admin.

  • Under the reply button is an arrow down , go in there. Or just call the nras office and they will sort it x

  • Cheers allanah!

    Just taken a look though and can't see no arrow under the 'reply to message' box.

  • I'm not sure you can report a pm Christina, that would have to be done through contacting NRAS, or adding one of the NRAS's members to a reply. I tried to add one of the team's names so the message I sent would also be seen by her but the drop down box to "Add recipients" was also where the "Reply to message box" is & hit that by mistake before confirming the additional recipient .

    Allanah is meaning on the main site, to the right of the "Recommend" there's a drop down (downward arrow), "Report" is there. x

  • Just give the office a ring and they will look into

    Any problems x

  • Thanks both!

  • You're welcome, anytime. x :)

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