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Rash gate continues

You are so right it is awful the things which might sound so little and insignificant to others sometimes are like my doc said yesterday the straw that broke the camals back . I like most of you have put on so much weight and as someone who as always struggled with putting weight on even since a child this alone as bothered me especially now summers coming and feel like a fat little munchkin most of it due to the steroids which are like a double edged sword great for controlling inflamation but the side effects that come with them moon face, hairy face and insomnia which resulted in me being prescribed sleeping tablets in hospital and am now struggling to cone off them.

I managed get an appointment with the doctor yest she still thinks it's perioral dermititis on face and said that she has it and moisturiser and make up will make it worse she said to stop gel that was burning me and she was going put me on oral antibiotics but she looked and it said the doxycycline and not sure what the other was called they didn't recommend with stills disease so doc said darent prescribe told me to ask consultant on Friday not the docs fault she was frustrated to but in the meantime my skin is itching and burning off. Asked if she knots what sun cream I can use because was panicking yest with sun out and took mum shopping and was worried that with sun lotion on face would burn. What do any of you use because I don't want to have to hibernate and wear big sunhats all the time if any of you have tips that would be useful in mean time I'm waiting till Friday and hope consultant can help.

Thanks again for your replies lovely to have a chat with you and feel like I'm not as mad as thought I was well still have my moments but think I have always been a bit mad.

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I have very sensitive skin and also Rosacea and I use Ultrasun sunscreen. It is for sensitive skin. As well as the usual sunscreen they also do one specifically for the face in factor 30 and 50. I've used both and they are very good and I spend a lot of time in the Middle East. Last year when I was on MTX I was paranoid about getting burnt but I never did. You can buy it at John Lewis and sometimes Waitrose but I buy it online, I think from the Sunscreen Shop. Just google it and it will come up. It is fairly expensive but I feel Its well worth it. I also had malignant melanoma many years ago, another reason for making sure that I am fully covered with sunscreen! I hope you get your rash sorted soon. Clemmie


Hi, when I was taking mtx my GP gave me prescription for Ultrasun 50 roll on which wasbeadybto apply and to take with me to Canada. I have bought it since off QVC when on special offer. I have very pale sensitive skin and burn very easily, more so when I was on mtx. I didn't burn even though it was about 30 degrees at the time I I was there. Hope this helps, take care.


I don't really use sun cream often because even the sun sensitive ones give me rashes as I'm very fair too. Instead I try to avoid direct contact with the sun by wearing a wide brimmed hat when out and a soft scarf to cover the V of my neck. I do make an exception of my feet if I'm wearing sandals as they don't react so much but unfortunately the sandal season hasn't reached the far north of Scotland yet! But on the whole it's a case of direct sunlight avoidance - especially now I'm on Azathioprine which comes with extra warnings even more than MTX did.

I really feel for you with your painful face - it must be lousy. Hope Friday comes round very soon and your rheumy can help.



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