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Thanks for making me not feel like I'm going mad

Thanks so much for your replies it's good to let off steam and anything that helps reduce the good old stress. You have both cheered me up just the fact that you understand and although we might not have any magic solutions just reading your replies cheered me up and I will look at stills info on site thanks again.

Going try get back in docs this week and never know just leaving the methertrexate off this week might help really hope so face really is burning up feel so frustrated only thing which soothes it is splashing on some water. Hopefully if it stays sunny will cheer us all up should have been going Malaysia next week so could do with a bit of sun here even if have to cover up and stay in shade. Thanks and if anyone else as any advice or tips that are worth a try I would love to hear from you.

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be careful in the sun especially if you already have burning skin. I hope you can get some answers and get sorted out. It is so incredibly frustrating, I know only too well. Good luck


On a positive note if we really are all going mad im glad im with you lot xx


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