Exercises for flare ups with knee??

What type of knee exercises can I do keep muscle tone? I was diagnosed of having extremely high damage to right knee. Was diagnosed in feb.all new was actively walking now I try doing ROM..I use a walker..I feel helpless n nauseating about my condition. Rheumatologist will discuss more at next appt..but I'm fully bed ridden baths r hard ..walking is hard..?? Suggestions greatly appreciated. .ty

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  • Hello Linda sorry to hear of your pain can you go swimming? I was told it's the best for building up muscle and its a lot easier to excersise in the water I too have got a bad knee I am awaiting a knee replacement got to see my surgeon I'm may I know what pain you are in I'm swimming 5 times a week trying to be fit for surgery x

  • Poor you. Like Paulapips below, I am waiting for knee replacements; mine are being done in June. Until then, i hobble around, much of the time in agony. Initially, I was bed-ridden, but once I had the diagnosis and they started the meds,

  • Sorry, it went off without my permission!

    .... I realised the necessity of keeping mobile, even if only slightly. I bought one of those little exercise bikes for use with a regular chair and I belong to a dance for the disabled class. It's an effort, but I know that the new knee will be a lot better if I can preserve a bit of muscle tone. I should really go swimming too, but I haven't mustered the energy yet.

    Good luck. Jora

  • What type of chair? Is it a floor bike? Ty

  • This type of bike ebay.co.uk/itm/like/1815133...

    Blimey, that was a long link! As for the chair, I just use my desk one, with the back fairly upright.

    Hope this helps. I got the idea from Cathie.


  • Okay ty good idea. .

  • Before my knee replacement I got a set of exercises from Physio to do in the pool? Not swimming but to tone all the muscles. I am sure it helped and I still do them after surgery.

  • Hello, I have a little book called "Treat your own knees" by Jim Johnson. I found this extremely helpful. It's a quick read and easy to follow exercise program. Another tip I used is to sit on the edge of a table and swing your lower legs to and fro a hundred times once or twice a day. No load at all on the knees. This is supposed to encourage synovial fluid back into the joints. Good luck and patience. ISBN for the Ebook is ISBN: 9780897935821

  • Thank you good advise..is that for ppl with rheumatoid arthritis?

  • arthritisresearchuk.org/art...

    Exercise bike on floor is great if you gradually build up too. And if you can do walking in a warm swimming pool that is good and not load bearing.

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