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flare ups

Use to flare up, but yesterday was harsh had flare both elbows, in my my knee, and foot, and the odd finger for most of the day, pain god yes l took maximum painkillers but never had any affect,RA l believe is the most forgotten illness round, cos l think it doesnt kill, so its not that bad, all l can say to mupperts like that is l hope you never have to suffer,, ok better now let my steam off ... nows wheres my coffee

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My GP told me that the good thing about RA is that it won't kill you. But unfortunately that is also the worst thing about it!

Poor man, useless at breaking bad news! And useful like a chocolate fireguard.

Sorry about your awful pains. Sometimes nothing touches them, does it? I have found that a cup of strong coffee helps speed up my painkillers.

In my worst flare-ups I have searched for a painfree area, eg my chin, and made a real effort to celebrate that there is no pain there. My OH thinks I am completely mad... I probably am!

Hope you are soon over it. There is always a better time round the corner.


sorry to hear your suffering and hope your feeling better soon. its good to let off steam . i agree its really annoying when people dont realise your ill just because they cant actually see something wrong. my managers at work are classics for this , the other week i went into work with my wrists strapped up as they were painful and one of them said oh what have you done. i replied it was the RA and they came back with oh youve had that a few times havent you, do you want some paracetamol for it..... i sometimes wonder about some folk.


I know, I get pretty steamed up when confronted with such people who just have no clue. Sad thing is, it isn't their fault. Maybe it's ours. We need to promote RA awareness every chance we can take. The fund raising walks for research are usually pretty popular, and the organization might even help you set one up in your community.

Aside from that, could set up a display table at a bazarre, or Market, hand out the pamphlets from the NRAs, any effort to bring public awareness of the serious complications of RA and other auto-immune diseases, the effects on the Heart, Lungs and kidneys and the cardio-vascular system.

Now, there's a project for the rest of the year!


Beaker i feel for you at the moment as i don't what my pain is ra/fibro or something else altogether. You are having a hard time of it aren't you. Its other peoples ignorance isn't it,as loretta has said get some leaflets and hand them out at work.

Am sending you cyper hugs and kisses.



I know its so annoying and my worse thing is that i really didn't know how bad it was with RA even though my dad and his family had it, until i got it myself. That makes me feel so guilty cos i should have been kinder too.



Yes and the average person can't understand the effects of it, I get yes I've got arthritis in my knee etc, and I'm tired of trying to explain the difference, I can't remember when I had a night of uninterrupted sleep and haven't been tired all day,


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