Swelling gone down

Hi I've only just started on Sulfasalazine still on 1 a day until Wednesday! But this morning I've noticed that my ankles aren't as swollen they have gone down quite a bit !! Although my feet are still swollen ? And I still have pain in both my ankles and feet . I just didn't think the medication would work so soon??? Anyone else had this ? I'm definitely not complaining but more supprised. ..

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  • Hi Lizmac,

    So happy that you are beginning to get relief on Sulfa. I was started on this in the early months of being diagnosed back in 1987. My hands were like bunches of bananas and I could hardly walk. After two weeks of taking them, my hands had become normal again and I definitely had a spring in my step - unlike now...lol.

    I hope you continue to improve. xx

  • Thanks poemsgalore1

    I couldn't believe it when I saw them this morning . I just hope that eventually the pain eases off to.

    Hope your still feeling good ?x

  • im not on sulfasalazine but im keeping an eye on this thread (thanks for posting) as recently my meds have been reduced to change them... and i have swollen ankles and that horrible "electric" feeling like ya just smacked ya funnybone constantly that dihydracodeines dont seem to touch! i may be interested in this new med for me ... ill follow this thread.

  • Sorry to hear that your in so much pain 😕M, I still have the pain but hopefully when I'm on my right amount of Sulf it will ease off . Hope you start to feel better soon ..

  • thanks.. im so trying NOT to take my tramadol... they work but wipe me out lol.

  • I'm on tramadol also but I don't find they are doing much good maybe I need a bigger dose I'm on 50mg 4 x daily ?

  • Great, hope the pain eases off too. I have tramadol too which can take for pain, but I dont often use it and when I do I tend to take it at bedtime as it really wipes me out.

  • Hope the improvement continues. It was a very effective drug for me for many years. Give it a chance to kick in - don't push too hard to begin with. Good luck.

  • Hi thanks J I know what you mean I have done the house from top to bottom and now I'm jiggered. ..but I'm feeling good cause I managed to get it done 😀 but I know I need to take it easy and pace myself ...

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