Wiggle Test

Anybody else do it? :) I wake up in the morning - i'm a morning person especially Spring and Summer time - think about bouncing out of bed and then reality sets in.. i no longer bounce :) (wobble a bit)

so I start the WIGGLE TEST - wiggle the toes, wiggle the fingers, wiggle the wrists... checking in to see what bits are working, which ones aren't and what the pain level's going to be set at for the day.

Today's wiggle resulted in a positive everythings working ok just a little bit of discomfort.


Hope everyone's wiggle tests went ok :) Have a good day x

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  • Brilliant! Will have to try this wiggle test!!

  • yay.. let us know how you get on. :)

  • I love that 'wiggle test' sounds so much more fun than unstiffening, creaking awake - it brings a whole new lighter mood to the start of the day! :)



  • lol

    It does tend to brighten my days.. makes me chuckle

    wiggle wiggle wiggle :)

  • I passed the wriggle test this morning,but that is due to a high dose of steroids for the last five days and i feel like my old self again for a little while. Still have a few aches and pains,but nothing to what i have had recently. This morning i am going to see some newborn lambs and thanks tot he steroids i will be able to enjoy it. You have a lovely day Vanessa.xxx

  • yay :) melting at the thought of new born lambs x have fun x

  • Will have to try wiggling, mine is the roll! Depending on how good the roll is to get out of bed, have had to do this for years with my back but now it's worse with the rest of my body.

  • Brilliant name for it. I also like " brain fog" it explains it well too x

  • I do the wiggle test too every morning. Your post made me smile.

    This morning it's my hands and feet which hurt the most.


    Keep wiggling

    Have a nice day. Xxx


  • Long past the wiggle now it is more now something like not been able to get up out of a normal bed, it can take an age and when I manage to sit on the edge of the bed I have to sit for a time to let myself recover. Mind got it worked out I sit on the bedside and have my shave then I feel a little bit more human and look forward to my day.

    Living in a bungalow seems to help, I was taken a back a bit when I sometimes go away how stairs affect me !! Now I will try and wiggle once more hopefully it will loosen me up once more


  • wiggle away and loosen those joints :) it may not work but may make u smile a bit xx

  • I'll have a go at wiggling my upper body but fear my lower half would resist & continue to waddle until my increase in MTX fully kicks in! Certainly something to aim for, a full body wiggle!! I can just imagine us all like bees waggle dancing. :D

  • :)

  • Like the advert on TV for chocolate minstrel type sweets, great advert although I can't remember what it advertise , but the button dances to wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah( think the song is wiggle by ? Am I right?) no that's wrong ?? give up! But I will be singing it doing my feet tomorrow x

  • Daughter thinks it's Jason Derulo and snoop dog?

  • i think i know which ad u talking about but i also cant remember what its for - i've got the tune in my head now... :)

  • :) :)

  • Love your descriptions. Mines a variation on the wiggle test - its the "gently try to unfreeze joints before I make any big moves" exercise.

  • Ha I do the wiggle test with my fingers hoping my flare up has decided to wiggle away in the night.😖

  • Brilliant post. Thank you.

  • lol, thank you .. made my day it made a few people smile :)

  • That's almost exactly what I've been doing! I'm so glad to have a technical name for it, now. :D After the wiggles, I usually do my back stretches while my cat plays with my hair. x

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