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Home at last! :)

Apologies for my silence this last day or two, but there's been nothing significant to report, up until yesterday that is, when I was discharged fromhospital. Apparently, I have septic arthritis/sepsis - been told both by different people. Latest is that I'm doing ok.. infection markers continue to drop (had bloods taken at GPs this morning) and I've been prescribed 5 weeks antibiotics, fingers crossed they'll do the trick. Obviously I've had to stop my RA meds, and to the best of my knowledge don't think I'll be able to start taking them again for at least the 5 weeks I'm on antibiotics. Phoned rheumy today and they were already aware of my situation so have an appointment next month, or if I hit probs before then I can give them a call..not at all sure if they can do much for me though if I should flare, however, will cross that bridge if and when I come to it. Currently need crutches to get around and will be going to outpatients to have wound checked and redressed on friday. Also need regular bloods to make sure infection markers etc remain good. Certainly not the best situation to be in but am remaining positive even if it can be a bit difficult on times. I'm fortunate in having a great family, especially my dear wife who's nursed me through a couple of bad patches in the past without so much as a tut, or if she has had the occasional one.. then I ain't heard it, :) and can't see her being any different this time around.

Well that's about it to date, except I would like to thank everyone for their support and good wishes during my stay in hospital..they've been much appreciated.

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I'm really pleased for you that you are home at last! Hopefully, you're on the slow road to recovery. Just take it easy, and don't try to do too much too soon. I'm sure your wife will be happy that you're back.

Keep us posted, and look after yourself. M x


I'm pleased to hear this Wishy. I hope the antibiotics do their job & that's an end to it. Don't you be brave though if you feel things aren't right, it's your body & only you know how it should be feeling or if you don't think you're progressing as well as you've been advised.

Five weeks off your meds! I hope you don't but if you're anything like me you may start to feel it having a go. If you do don't hesitate to contact your Rheumy team, they may be able to help. I'm not sure whether they'd give you a steroid injection but if you don't ask you won't know but please don't suffer, you've had enough pain for the time being you don't want RD nadging away at you too!

Having been in the same position as your good wife recently I know she'll be relieved you're home. Now no criticising her driving.... my h got t a thump this morning when he voiced his thoughts whenI was slightly over the line after reversing into a parking space at the supermarket. I reminded him he'd be stuck indoors if I wasn't driving, or words to that effect!! x ;)


Really pleased that you are out of hospital. I hope you continue to improve. Take care.


How terrible for you. Pleased that at least you are up and about and wish you a speedy recovery x


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