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After being diagnosed a year ago with RA by the consultant and continue to have pains , after a couple of visits to my GP He has made me appointment to see someone else for a second opinion is it worth going for a second opinion or am I still in denial about my condition . Thanks for all the replies from my last post

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The goal of treatment is always to control the disease completely, so if you haven't got close to control after a year, then yes, it is worth a second opinion as someone else may want to take a more aggressive approach to treatmnt.



Most probably your GP covering all basis, go the second opinion may confirm what you are suffering from.

In my early days I had several consultations with different consultants, some I had to pay for myself.

Do not be concerned your GP has your condition in mind



In my experience rheumatologists vary a lot. I think it's definitely worth going for a second opinion. My original rheumy was content to treat my PsA very conservatively. The one I see now took a much more considered approach and put me on Humira. Not saying you need biologics necessarily, but chances are you might find that a different rheumy puts their thinking cap on to your advantage.


Yes I think you are all right in what you say like my Gp says it will not hurt to get a second opinion I may except it then ?


Re your latest post asking about spondyloarthritis ..... did you go for a second opinion and is your GP (or anyone) thinking it might be spondy?


I can't see why not? Always good to have a second opinion - even if it simply confirms the original one it will help you to feel more confident in the diagnosis and treatment. Your GP sounds good!


I would go with it, would be good to see if slightly different approach as maybe more beneficial with you struggling still. I saw 2, both in agreement of my diagnosis and treatment initially. Its been 3 years for me. They started me on Sulphasalazine but Ive had steroids and pain meds along the way. Been like trials all along. A shoulder surgery is potentially on the cards, and Methotrexate has most recently been suggested, but with the complication of fertility also being investigated for me I am in limbo there for the minute. Wish you all the best.


I personally would go, it's a great opportunity to go and ask questions, show any photos or pain diaries you might have kept and maybe get more help. Good luck !!


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