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just to let you know I had my 1st injection today which I did at the hospital and now will be continuing to do them at home, it was much easier and not scary as I thought it was going to be.I am on Metoject PEN which is a relief as thought it was going to be a big needle like a proper injection.

So am hoping this will stop the diarrhoea and stomach pain.

At last my doctor has given me some anti sickness tablets prochlorperazine so hopefully that will stop the sickness.

Want to thank you all for your replies and helpful advice. The other matter about work, am speaking to my GM on friday to discuss the DM and the way she has been treating me, but am also going to speak to HR from work about the matter too.

Hope everyone is having a good day today and having some pain free time.

Take care Carol

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There you go! Hopefully that will put paid to your nausea, that & your anti sickness med. You're one step ahead of me now, I'm still on syringes but to be honest I get on fine with this form of administering & not really looking forward to the pen system as I have trouble with my grip & as it is now I can control just how quickly the MTX goes in.

I hope all goes smoothly on Friday & your issues are looked at sympathetically.

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Was wondering how you were getting along. So pleased you are getting somewhere. I found I had dry mouth on anti sickness drugs so drink lots and lots of water. Xx


yes jacki am finding have to drink lots too. but at last the sickness has stopped, just have to try to eat something now.

Thank you all for your replies. xx


Brilliant news. Another step onwards and upwards! Xx


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