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Inflammation in the lungs ?

Hello everyone,

I am just about recovered from the biggest flare up I have had since being diagnosed with RA seven years ago. My meds have not kept me as comfortable since having to stop Enbrel in 2016 through being diagnosed with breast cancer. The good news is that my Rheumatology doctor is going to start me on Abatacept in the next week or so. (Any info from anyone on Abatacept most welcome). Anyway, I’m going through all the usual tests in preparation to start this medication, as we do. And a chest X-ray has revealed inflammation in my lungs ? I presume it is the same inflammation as has been in my joints over past weeks. My Rheumatology doctor is on holiday at the moment and the clinical nurse has said that he will explain everything when he comes back. In the meantime I thought someone here might be able to enlighten me a bit !!!

Kind regards to all and some nice hugs for those of you who are suffering right now.

June x

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Hi June, have you had a cold or chest infection recently? I see you are flaring with RA so it makes sense the lungs are joining in. Have you been taking any RA meds since the Enbrel you mentioned in 2016? I've had a CT scan for a broncho infection in February as an X-ray showed infection but it cleared after AB's. I hope you can soon be on the new RA med and be in good health. About time things went good for you, sweet lady, Take care. Julie x

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Thank you for your reply. I have just been on Methotrexate 20 mgs . The least medication I have ever been on. Throughout last year when Ian was mostly in hospital and all my attention was on him, I was mostly kept going with steroid injections. I am much better now, the flare is finished (hope I'm not tempting fate !!

So I will be started on Abatacept very soon I hope, just waiting to be contacted by the clinical team. The rheumatologist doctor will enlighten me about the inflammation in my lungs, and the world will be a better place ha ha, I hope. Nice to hear from you Neonkitty, I hope you are doing OK. June x


hope things go well4u and that you are off mtx now? Swims and singing [at home] helped improve my lungs too. xox


Love Abatacept. This has really helped me together with a little hydroxychloroquine. It did take a long time to kick in properly but I was really bad at the time. I was very tired the following day after injection in the beginning (often lost an afternoon asleep) but don't notice it as much now.


My advice is don't even try to quess as so many things it could be. Try to be patient as in my case I have a related lung condition but its auto immune not solely to do with RA. Mine is Cylindrical Brochectastasis and yes it aches but its in addittion to the RA not because of the RA. I've had embolisms too and they leave scars which also make the chest ache. I wish you well and hope its nothing to worry about.


Hi. I have bronchiectasis that's due to Ra. My dr put me on biologics. Do you know if they may help in controling bronchiectasis. many thanks.


I take Doxicycline for the Cylindical Broniectastasis no idea about Biologics as I take LEF for the RA and see a Respitory Consultant for the CB but mine is definately inherited as they have done some profiling. Its different from Bronchiectastasis I understand and rare. And yes it does work I've also had coughing lessons and see the Community Respitory Team. Really well loked after. x


Could be something very simple like a minor infection, so don't fret about it. I hope rheumy is not away for long, as it's bad practice for the nurse to tell you there's something there, but not give you a solution to it. Hope you get an answer next week.


Thank you for your reply. I also think that the clinical nurse should not have told me half the story. I was worried to begin with, but messages from everyone here has given me calm. I don't know when my RA Doctor is back from his holidays, but in the mean time I'll go see my GP because I think there is infection as well because my chest hurts when I take a deep breath.

Thank you, June x


If your chest hurts when you breathe then I think you're right to go and see GP as the sooner and infection is treated the sooner it is sorted.


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