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Some good news and a Thankyou

So, I've got my NHS referral thorough. 17th March. I am so excited! what a long road to that referral I have had. But very relieved to finally have that date.

Also. Thankyou to those of you who recommended NRAS helpline. I've used them before but this time I requested to speak to a Mummy with yound children too and I spoke to a lovely lady who not only listened but who also gave some practical advice. It was comforting to speak to someone who has been on a similar journey and can pass on what they've learnt, to help out someone else. So, if you are that person who I spoke to, Thankyou. I took on board everything you said and have spokent to my nursery and will out George & Sophie in for another day, when they have space. It's on an ad hoc basis, but still, another day which I will know in advance. My health is too precious and I want to be the best Mummy I can be, when I can. Homestart are also coming to Evaluate me next week, which is good and I've got a meeting tonight to help sort the future of my multiple birth club, so I have helpers. So it's all positive, well if my RA is going to be as it is, I need to have some positive steps. Also sorted childcare so I can go to my local NRAS group. Wow, reading it back, I have been busy! Gentle hugs to all x

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Well done - you have achieved a lot! Even if you cannot control your disease at present, you CAN do a lot to prevent it affecting your life so much and keep life from affecting your condition so much. Excellent self-management skills!

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Hi jlmack

That's lovely feedback and glad you are making some positive progress. Good luck with everything!

Best wishes,

Ruth Grosart

NRAS Digital Media Manager

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