Here we go again . More foot surgery !

I had a bunionectomy 2 yrs ago along with correction of a crossover toe both were failures. I have chronic pain from the crossover toe and i had osteopenia so the screw had to come out and i still have chronic also the bunionectomy was a complete failure so know i am having an Austin aiken bunionectomy April, so sick of these feet !! The bunion isnt very large but very painful and the whole toe curves so he has to cut it in 2 places and put some kind of new device like a staple instead of an pin or screw, I am so not looking fr\orwae\rs to it , has anyone has this surgery done?

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  • I'm sorry I can't offer you any experience of this procedure but as one who suffers RD in my feet & finally something is being done about it I empathise. I know bunions can be very painful, both my nan & my dad had them, my nan as she had some form of arthritis, lost likely rheumatoid & my dad by weariwearing football boots too small for him as he couldn't afford is own so had handmedowns from his fellow players. I was fortunate, although I had the start of them when I was diagnosed progression was halted when I started treatment. You have my hopes that your op is successful & you have no further issues. :)

  • That sounds horrendous what you are going through, I hope someone who has had this surgery can advise you.Is the bunion painful when you have shoes on or painful all the time? I just wondered if you could get some shoes made to take the pressure off the bunion. I am waiting for some shoes and insoles to be made through he hospital which will hopefully help my painful feet. I wish you all the best for a successful operation and hope you can reduce the pain.

  • Hello, thank you for your reply. This whole thing is so aggrevatting because it was a long recovery 6 weeks on crutches then the complications . The pain from the bunion is also just when I move my toe every pair of shoes hurts the first surgeon didn't feel he needed to align my bone he did just soft tissue correction. Where they tighten and loosen the ligaments and tendons then I had to go every two weeks for them to tape my foot it wad rediculous. So hopefully. I will have better luck this time.take care

  • What a rough time you have had! You must be in so much pain, I really hope this next round of surgery is more successful with no complications.It's such a long haul with the recovery time and surgeries, I have everything crossed for you that it goes smoothly and you can walk in less pain.

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