First Humira shot Wednesday

Hi all I'm due to start Humira on wednesday having the first shot at hospital but the thing is I have had a sore throat and what feels like a head cold since Friday, my promblem is do I phone and rearrange now or wait while Wednesday morning and hope its gone. It has improved some and hopefully will keep doing so. I know from taking enbrel that I shouldn't inject when I have an infection but don't know if its the same with Humira. Any advice please.

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  • I dont know either but I think it would be reasonable to phone the unit where you get the injection - perhaps towards 11 rather than first thing when where I go they just ignore the phone til they've dealt with the patients.

    I hope you're ok, they might be interested in whether you have a temperature

    good luck, c

  • Thank you cathie will do that and see what they say.

  • Hi Chris

    I agree with cathie, I was in a similar boat for both my Rituximab infusions. I rang up explained my symptoms and let them make the decision. A cold wasn't a problem in my unit but infection on antibiotics was a no no.

  • I also agree, call the clinic a few days before your appointment if you still have symptoms and ask if it's ok to go ahead or if you should reschedule for next week.

    I also just had my very first Humira shot a week and a half ago. My original appointment was delayed a week because I was exposed to someone with Shingles, my Rhumey

    Asked me to wait, just to be safe.

    Great news on starting Humira. I hope you get great results from the medication.

    I would love to hear your Humira experience as I also just started it.

  • Hi Chrissycl, when I was on Humira my Rheumatologist told me not to inject if sick or if I had the slightest inkling that I may be coming down with something. I hope you get better soon so you can get your meds.

  • Good luck . . hope you are well enough to have your first Rituximab. x

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