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To those contemplating Mabthera (rituximab) infusions

I had my first two infusions of rituximab in October and November, and by December was feeling so much better and for once Christmas was a joy instead of wiping me out with fatigue. I hadn't felt so well for years and would still be ok if I hadn't caught the lurgy after Christmas. It's still hanging on and I'm not shaking it off very well despite antibiotics. Since I caught this bug the middle two fingers on my right hand have become worse - stiffer, tender and swollen. I wonder if this is due to the bug.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar when being ill? Before I took the rituximab any illnesses would make both my RA and fibromyalgia very uncomfortable. However, it seems to have affected these two fingers only, and there is no sign of the fibro!

I can recommend rituximab. Nothing else really had any effect.

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So so glad the infusions are working well, when I have mind the people having their Ritiximab always say they are improving, hope this continues and I would get the docs to check your fingers xxx


funnygran/allanah I hope this works for me and others who are in the same boat.matt

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Me too my love, u awake in pain again ? Picture this , sore wrists, sore ankles, sore feet , sore Achilles, wide awake cos of blooming steroids that started again today and three " boils" one of which has just burst!!!! Dry mouth with Sjogrens guzzling mouth gel and water .

Sounds gorgeous?? Lol that what my poor man puts up with ! Just had more brufen And I imagine that picture is pretty similar to his you are feeling!!!

The biologics are great tho Matt, I'm in this state cos I missed two in a row due to flu etc ! The flu jabs this year apparently didn't cover the strain that emerged so it's been awful!

Bet Indie wouldn't wanna be walking here tonight, loads of laid snow and really cold but it looks lovely. It's these sort of times I'm glad I'm retired as I hate driving in snow!!

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I hope it works for you. I honestly didn't think I'd ever feel better again after years of fuzzy headedness, fatigue, pain (and always trying to pretend that I was fine). I think I'm Superwoman and have to stop over doing things otherwise I still get very tired.

Take care. x


Hi Funnygran,

I hope you don't mind me hubby has Rheumatoid Vasculitis and had two infusions of Rituximab in December (last one a week before Christmas). I know it's only been four weeks but he says he's not feeling any different, in fact he says he's feeling slightly worse. Mind you, he too caught the lurgy over Christmas.

How long did it take for you to feel the benefit??? :)




It says in the leaflet Rituximab takes 2-16 weeks to work. With me it's usually 6-12.


Thank you Kikideelili. So hoping it works for him :)


Hi, I'm sorry your husband doesn't feel any better; here I am being so positive about it and forgetting that everyone else may not be feeling the same.

I had my first infusion at end of October and the second in mid-November and gradually began to feel less brain-fuzzy, stiff and in pain around mid-December. In fact I felt so well that I think I over did it at Christmas. Trying to make it up to my family for being such a misery at times! However, I still find it hard to sleep because of osteoarthritis in hip and back.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, but maybe it isn't the right bio for your husband. I had a year taking Humira, but it didn't help.

Take care both of you. xxx


Hi Funny gran

I've heard people say on here that bugs can make their joints sore. Can't say it's happened to me unless I'm in bed and stiff. Maybe the benefit you felt was from the steroid drip and that is running out but ritux hasn't fully kicked in yet? Try some ice on your fingers.


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