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hi there, has any one had experience of their pip being turned down and going through the request for it to be reviewed? i got the assessment provider report ( as advised by the CAB) last week, it was so upsetting to read it.even though i was eligible for some point so much of it was twisted in the other sections to read as if i am a healthy normal functioning person. i am a very honest person and feel so upset that they came to my house and and submitted evidence that doesn't correlate to what i am going through and even what the medical evidence supports. any advice on how to approach the review would be really helpful. i am suffering with anxiety and depression as well as fibromylagia, i feel it so unfair to have to prove myself that i am ill.

thanks from a very sad dillie.

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  • Hi dillie The first thing you must do is appeal this decision, again they are getting away with putting down what they want and not what was correct, these people are trained to do this that is why they lose a lot more appeals than they win, They turn round the main points or the main issues that make you fail, you must sit down and write down from start to finish the visit and highlight the main points that stick out then get help and advice from the cab on this good luck.mattcass

  • thanks for your reply - that is exactly how i see it, that the information has been so twisted, it doesn't match up to what happened. reassuring to read that they loose more appeals than win, it makes me feel it will be worth it to fight it, even though it is the last thing i feel like doing right now ;-( thanks again dillie

  • Hi dillie,

    sorry that you have been subjected to such an ordeal. It is not fair. I have put a link below for you to some fact sheets from Disability Rights UK. There are some on how to go about the appeals process.They may be useful to you:



    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Have a look on the Benefits and Work website.

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