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Hi there

I am having severe pain with. Osteoarthritis I have been through most of treatments

Including injections all to no avail I also have brittle asthma and diabetes.

I am in such pain I can barely walk and need help to move around my flat. For a long time I refused morphine patches as they gave my brother severe hallucinations. Finally I agreed to try them and found I can't tolerate morphine and was taken to hospital with hallucinations and severe breathing problems. Can anyone recommend a drug that is not morphine based but might help with the pain.

Many thanks to you all and hoping for a healthier New year

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I'm sorry, I cant. I can't take painkillers at all. Hope you get some answers


I'm sorry I cant. I can't take painkillers at all. Hope you get some answers.


Its your GP who needs to be suggesting medication I'm afraid. It seemsxwhat works for one doesn't for others. Referred to a Pain Management clinic should be something you should request.

You can try a Tens machine , available from pharmacies. I've had great success with it. I use it for 40 mins then have an hour break, pretty much, throughout the day . I've got osteoarthritis in my lumber spine. Well worth a try. Good luck


Hiya lilyemma. I have OA (cervical, lumbar knees & hands that have been confirmed) & my pain has recently been brought under control though I'm fortunate & can tolerate BuTrans hourly release patches. My concern was more about the more traditional starter alternatives, my GP appreciated why & so went straight to those starting on them last August. I started on 5mcg, worked up to 20mcg & the difference is little short of wonderful. As deejames suggests your GP should be able to help as mine did following instructions from my Rheumy at my last appointment. I was also getting continual cervicogenic headaches which have eased greatly with amitriptyline starting at 10mg & now taking 25mg nightly. If you're concerned about the morphine based pain relief meds your GP should be able to suggest other types which may help with your pain.

I hope you find something that helps you but there are exercises which can also help as well I've found. it could be worth asking when you see your GP if there are any he/she could suggest for you?

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hi lilyemma,

I think that if you are after information about pain relief for osteoarthritis (OA) then you may find Arthritis Care will be able to help you better. Their contact details are:

0808 8004050

Their helpline may well be closed over the Christmas period though. Otherwise as has been suggested contact your GP for help. They may be able to refer you to a local pain clinic.

I have also put a link below for you to some information about painkillers for OA:

Hope this helps you lilyemma,


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


hey i'm a student and interested in what you saw in your hallucinations if your ok sharing x


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