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Apologies for asking what may seem a silly question but has anyone suffered from any memory loss while taking hydroxy? I have been taking this for just over a year with no obvious problems but today I completely forgot my bank card pin number and last week I left my door keys in my front door all day and went off to work. I am seeing my rheumy on Thursday as not seen her since February, I feel ok although my hands and feet are aching rather than painful and I am tired and emotional all the time. Amy suggestions will be appreciated as worried I am losing my mind. Could be an age thing also. I'm 53.


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  • I'm on hydroxy and to be honest it's made me sharper if anything. The last time I felt really forgetful, tired and emotional my thyroid levels were too low. It might help to ask your GP about this x

  • My memory and concentration has been really poor since the onset of this bloody disease could be due to the fatigue

  • I agree with the others it may be fatigue as I have been on hydroxy for over 12 months and I get very forgetful when I am very very tired or flaring, which has been for nearly three years now as nothing seems to have worked so far. Talk to your rheumy though and see what they say.

  • I am on metho and am same I am 45 x I sometimes think it is more to fo with the illness itself and flares than the drugs though xx

  • I am like that all the time my doctor say its brain fog part of rd

  • I think it is part of the illness, rather than thyroid trouble or medication. There have been numerous posts over the years and many times 'brain fog' has been mentioned tiredness, fatigue all make us forgetful as junebee said it is part of RA/RD so there are no quick fixes.

  • I'm 51 and just put it down to age - I have a friend who does not have ra who left keys in door don't think it's rd related


  • I think we have to be careful before accepting "brain fog" as a normal part of RD. A check up with your GP is always wise. My "brain fog" got increasingly worse when on mtx until eventually I came off it. Within weeks the fog lifted and I felt normal again. Unfortunately I'm yet to get my condition back under control and am facing another stab at mtx. I must admit the prospect of the fog returning scares me. x

  • I have certainly noticed a sharp increase in brain fog since getting RA, but whether it's the illness itself or the medication, I don't know.

  • For me the 'brain fog' descends when I am not under good control and then I find it difficult to concentrate. It may be your medication needs reviewing. Farm

  • Hi I'm also 53, on MTX, and have an appt with my rheumy on Thursday and, like you, I'm forgetting things all the time. I hadn't related it to the RA and thought it was menopause related. The things we have to deal with!! I just have blanks when it comes to remembering a word or the name of an actor, that kind of thing. And yet when it comes to remembering the lyrics to a song from the 1970s I have no problem at all. Was listening to smooth radio in the car the other day and sang all the way through "When will I meet you again" by the Three Degrees without any mistakes. Can't fathom it....Anyway, hope all goes well with your rheumy on Thursday. I'm dreading my appt as last time the nurse kept looking at her wrist as if to check the time, but she wasn't wearing a watch. It didn't create an atmosphere in which to talk frankly about my problems. Hope yours is different. Take care.

  • Isn't it "when will I see you again" lol

  • Yeah it is ... well your memory is better than mine so that should cheer you up. ha ha!

  • Growing up me and my 2 sisters used to line up in the garden, skipping ropes for microphones, and pretend to be The Three Degrees. Lol : )

  • Yeah, if you looked up the word 'glamorous' in the dictionary there would be a picture of the Three Degrees, lipstick and lip gloss by the bucket load. Those were the days when a friendship could be made of broken depending on whether you liked David Cassidy or Donny Osmond. I liked Donny, but my sister liked David; looking back now, I think she had the better taste. Anyway, enough nostalgia - back to reality and work I suppose. Take care.

  • He he I loved Donny and David! And Davis Essex and David Soul from Starsky and Hutch lol : ))))

  • Ditto - and Pete Duel from Alias Smith and Jones and of course, Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid - drop dead gorgeous!!!

  • Oooh Robert Redford. Remember the film he did with Barbara Streisand? the way we were I think. Hubba Hubba. So our long term memory is good. But short term? Not so good lol

  • David Cassidy for me!

  • Ha ha lovely!

  • Hi Jaynes I used to have a fab memory but now it's useless. I forgot to go places, I too leave keys in doors or just forget to lock the door. I have to write things down and use my diary. With me I think it's my medication. I take amitriptyline to help me sleep and it makes me a bit dopey during the day. Like others have said discuss with your rheumy.

  • I do. And have done. My OH will constantly say "yes you did. Two days ago.... or yesterday...etc.." I'm now off hydroxy as my rheumy wants to see my RA in its beauty so he can scan the nice! Not..

  • For me it's a combination of PsA, menopause and medications, agree with Paula that you see your GP regarding your memory loss. We can only say what our experiences are but GP's can give you a better screening.

  • Thank you everyone for the replies, I feel better for reading these. Kikidee and Glynisdyson you made me lol. I also enjoy 70's music.

    Anyway I will mention this to my rheumy tomorrow along with everything else and see what she says.

  • Yep I get terrible brain fog too but yes definately mention it to Rheumy or gp as there are other causes.

  • Think mine has been/is stress and pain .. I go on can forget where I have put things .... have found my purse in the fridge and all sorts of lunacy! Joking apart it is not good if we feel worried about forgetfulness and if our meds are contributing in a major way. I think the peri-meno and meno have a lot to answer for. I am very hard on myself too as my memory is usually superb so if I go a bit gaga now and then, I get cross at myself. I can write excellent shopping lists in the right aisle order etc, then leave them on top of the fridge! Usually can remember most and my co-shopper .. my hubby .. has a brilliant memory.

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