Does RA cause memory loss?

I have my follow up appt. next week (please give me some drugs!!) and will mention it to them but I'm wondering if anyone else suffers from memory loss?

I can answer quiz questions etc. but I forget the names of things and will actually stop mid sentence and forget what I'm talking about!

Will go and chat to GP but thought I'd ask here :)


Ps. I have my ATOS medical today, will blog today regards what happens etc.

have been awake since 4am worrying and feel really sick :(

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Hi Suz, I have similar to what you describe, never been to doctor about it though as I've always blamed medications, but then I blame medications for everything. I even told my cardiologist my chest pain and tachycardia was probably caused by A.S (Ankylosing Spondylitis) in my ribs and breastbone and medications causing palpitations.... turned out to be heart failure. lol

Good luck with your ATOS medical, remember to tell them exactly how RA affects your daily life.

Beth xx


Good luck with your medical,yes i forget things and i have a habit of dropping things all the time. Can't remember names and dates either. get days mixed up as well. xx


Thank you Sylvi and Beth! It's so good to know you're out there :) xxx


I wonder if your memory loss (I call it brain fog) is down to a combination of difficulty sleeping well, drugs and stress.

Since RA arrived I seem to be clumsier too.

I know some meds cause anaemia which is another of my excuses.

Good luck today.


Hi Suz

How your saying bout yourself could me saying bout how i am, I am sure its part of the RA like u i am chatting away then just stop mid sentence and cant remember wat i am even talking bout.


Hi i'm exactly the same i always did have a bad memory since the hysterectomy but since going on MTX its horrendous i use my husband as a memory aid, i just tell him things i need to remember and he just reminds me later on! Its got so bad the last couple of weeks i think of things and forget before i remember to tell my husband!! I do have a pad and pen beside my bed, next to my chair in the lounge on the dressing table and by the computer as i will not remember by the time i've moved from one place to another and perhaps the phone will ring or someones at the door or i will make a cuppa so theres no chance of me remembering what i was getting up to do inthe first place!! Something we have to live with i think!! I do also try to do associated remembering - a trick i learnt a while ago if you have to remember to do something when you are out and cant write it down, associate the thing in your mind with something silly that will trigger it off in your mind when you step in the door like i had to remember to buy my son a new school jumper so i imagined my husband in a very small school jumper answering the door and when i saw him open the door my memory clicked on i laughed and said oh James needs a new school jumper and he was somewhat confused but i had remembered so it works for me!! Hope it helps a bit Sue x


Thanks again everyone!!

I sound exactly the same, so it has put my mind at ease :)

I will mention it at next weeks appt. and will let you know if I get any reasons etc.

ps. just back from Atos Medical, will blog in a bit, too exhusted at moment.

Suz xx


lol.....reading through these replies I can identify with every one of them but in my case, I've always put it down to old age.....gonna start blaming it on the MTX from now on. Good luck with everything Suzanne


Memory loss, yip all the time, its when the kids say mum you said it was ok or u said u would give me money and im like did I.... wasnt sure if i was being coned or genuine asking from them, will have to keep a wee eye on this lol, also my partner keeps saying the same that im always forgetting things or where i put things, could be the MTX or other meds im or OR possibily my kids taking advantage as they do xxxx lol


Yes, I can talk & remember most things, but every so often-I lose a word and have to stop talking to think of it. I usually do not remember the word, but I try to use synonyms to get my point across. I do lose things a lot too: my keys, my phone, mind-ha.



I'm ok mostly but I have to put things in my calendar on my Itouch or phone to remind me about appointments and stuff. But I do forget names when I used to be good at remembering them and sometime walk into a room and forget why I'm there or go to check something on the computer then forget what I was going to look at. When I go out I lock the front door then halfway down the street can't be sure I did lock it. And I'm always checking where my purse is because I'm terrified of losing it.


hi,yes i have memory loss too,had a row a few months ago with my consultant because i,d forgotten some appointments,and while dissgusing this issue she said well how come you can remember this what i told you last time you were here but you dont remember that,so i told her,was she suggesting that i was making it up,and that i couldnt help it if i was forgetting some things,she eventually appolagised to me,but i wasnt half angry that she said that too me,also i am mixing letters up in words i,m writing too,ive had ra for for 4 yrs now,ive been on the embrel injection for over a year now,and its a wonderfull drug for me,my hands dont get hot or swell now,.....


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