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Rib pain

When i inhale an lay down my ribs tend to hurt really bad it comes an goes . Sometimes worse. I dont know whats wrong

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Well, it could be a variety of things so best to get it checked out, those symptoms go with all kinds of health issues, and it could also be RA.

I had to see my GP because I thought something bad was happening to my insides when I couldn't lie down because of the pain and spasms around my waist on one side. After checking me out for a few things my GP put his finger onto the end of my lowest rib, I shot through the roof and he said it was arthritis. Since then other ribs have joined in.

It's aggravated by doing lots of bending (like doing the dishwasher, the laundry) or things like the hoovering and then when my ribs move (like when I lie down or breathe in) it's really painful.



There is a problem with some, depending on condition that effects the ribs and the secondary ones that causes the rib cage not to flex and this can result in breathlessness The pain could be caused by a type of Arthritis.

The condition will need to be looked into as I am not a Doctor, although sometimes swelling associated with certain conditions can cause restricted movements of the lungs

See your GP and explain well



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