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Fed up

Fed up have had ra since 2006 and still suffering currently taking humira fed up trying to get a pair of boots only to find out can't get them zipped up ankles are like tree trunks hands are all swollen feeling sorry for myself

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It's awful when you feel that way Callie, it gets you down. Is your Rheumy or nurse aware or are you between appointments? I'm sure if you contact you nurse & explain she'll be able to see you & maybe even suggest a steroid injection if it's considered that may help. I'm fortunate & found the mix that controls me but I doesn't mean I don't empathise with people who are struggling. I had a taste of it when I had a 3 month enforced break from all my meds & was left in no doubt that mine do indeed control me! Even trying to taper low dose deflazacort sends me into a flare. Please don't suffer, all it may take is a phone call.

I bought some Timberland boots last year, sheepskin lined & lace-up fronts. Unfortunately I couldn't get on with the sole (I have problematic, tender feet) but otherwise they were excellent from the point of view they laced to allow for swelling, right down to the ankle & sooo cosy. They're still in the box in my wardrobe waiting for someone to wear them! Might it be worth you seeking out something similar? I found some Flyflot boots to replace them & lived in them all last winter & back in them now....bliss!

Don't forget you can always phone the NRAS helpline if you need to speak to someone who will understand. I hope you get some relief soon & take care.


So sorry you're feeling so low, I really do understand what that's like. I can't help on the boots front, I have given up on zips altogether!! Even if they do go up I can't grip the pull tag myself.

As nmh says, it might be a good idea to contact your nurse. I'm on humira too, but was feeling awful a few weeks ago. I had a steroid injection, and it has helped physically and mentally. Life is still far from perfect, but I am coping better!

If you can't see your nurse, how about a chat with your gp, or there's always the NRAS helpline.

I do hope you feel better soon, do keep in touch. M x


I know we all feel rubbish at times thank you for your comments think I do need a steroid injection am at the nurse next week so will ask for it and the boots going to go for lace ups thanks guys xxx


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