Hi guys having been diagnosed in May with RA I was put on mtx injections straight away,for me I had loads of side effects, ulcers, glands swelling but for me the complete and utter depression this drug caused was, for me worse than anything! Due to my side effects I was on and off mtx and every time I stopped the drug I felt like me again!! Anyway I am now being put on Sulfasalazine and just wondered how this drug was for you and how effective it is? Are you able to have a beer with this? Can it make you depressed as mtx did with me?

Thanks in advance guys.

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  • Morning Woodstar,i am on mtx and sulfa and i have just had my sulfa increased to four a day. Before i go on i must say i don't have any side effects from either of these drugs. The sulfa is helping me. I was taken off it earlier this year and i was in a bad way until they added it back into the mix. I am now starting to feel in less pain with the increased dose. So i think sulfa is good and that is my personal opinion,but i do know people who can't take it. So give it a go,if you don't you won't know if it will help. I know people also who can't take mtx,yet it works for me just not on its own.

    I am afraid to say taking these drugs is trial and error. What works for one won't work for another. So unless you try it you know. If it makes you bad you can stop it. I am sorry you couldn't take mtx as it is a good drug,but there are other drugs out there that you can try so don't give up. You will get it right soon. xxx

  • Have not posted on here before but just wanted to put your mind at rest regarding Sulfasalazine. I have taken this since being diagnosed 10yrs ago and have been extremely lucky that it has worked for me with no side effects at all. I take 4a day plus 1 anti inflammatory. It took months to work as I was really bad before starting it. I also have Fibromyalgia and usually have bad reactions to drugs so hope this helps. Wishing you well.

  • Hi I had a similar thing with mtx. Tried oral mtx then injections and felt really bad on it. I am also on Embrel which so far is a miracle drug. However they do like you to be on 2/3 other 'backup' drugs when on a biologic so my consultant has re introduced sulphasalazine to boost the embrel. I say re introduce because in the early days I was solely on this before the embrel. I have to say it's is nothing short of a miracle drug also. But it is true that everyone is different and its a 'suck it and see' thing really. Give it a go and hopefully it will be the miracle you are looking for .. Good luck. TT x

  • I have been on Sulfasalazine since 2009 and had no major side effects. Do not worry too much about side effects! All drugs have some, but if I think back to the permanent pain and misery before the drugs I am very grateful that they exist. They enabled me to get control over my life again. Think positive. Excersise and a healthy diet. Remeber that you are the boss, NOT RA!. Best whishes!

  • Hi. I've been on Sulfa now for 2 years and for me it's hit the spot!

    No side effects either!

  • Hi. I have been on Sulfasalazine for nearly 20 years! No side effects, and (I have to confess) I haven't given up alcohol.

    Its a good idea to avoid alcohol at first. So side effects can be blamed on the drug not the beer.

    But moderate occasional alcohol has not been a problem for me.

  • I take sulfasalazine twice day i have not had side effects been on it for a year with naproxen and paracetamols it doesnt make me painless i still have lot of pain so seeing my rheumy in early Dec to discuss adding in other drugs. I have steroid injections in between to ease pain. It does make you depressed as anything pain wise often does its not nice living day in day out in agony. I also have chronic lung disease so that doesnt help as when one flares up the other does too grrrr but just got to keep as active and healthy as possible. Im still able to ride my horse so that keeps me going in dark moments xxx

  • Hope all goes well with the SSZ - I just looked up the advice about SSZ and alcohol on the ARUK site and you can read this on this link . This is of course general advice and it is important for you to talk to your consultant to check that this is correct thing for you to do.

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