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Has anyone had hand surgery?

Hi all. My right hand has become quite badly deformed. My consultant says it's probably due to the fact that it took so long for Embrel to be permitted after trying other dmards. (Including mtx which I couldn't tolerate)

I am now on embrel/sulphasalazine which is hopefully going to be a good mix going forward. I am a piano teacher and find playing now quite difficult which is distressing and was wondering if anyone had had successful hand surgery?

I have been to see a hand surgeon but he put me off as he said it may improve the look but I would lose strength. My opinion is that it can't really be much worse than it is already. Anyone help or advise from experience?

Thanks x

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That's a really difficult decision to have to make., because maintaining hand grip and strength is priority. I had my tendons re-aligned in the fingers because I couldn't bend my fingers on my right hand. I had 20 weeks of hand therapy, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. Since then my middle finger joints have fused and I can't bend them at all and I have lost a lot of strength and grip. Really miss playing my piano so understand how difficult it is for you. Have you seen an Occupational therapist for their advice? they must be seeing loads of patients with the same issue and you can get their feedback on surgery.


Thanks Metallegs it is a difficult one. Can you not play the piano at all now? X


This disease has really attacked my fingers and hands, wrists. On a good day I can play for about 5 minutes but it's so painful. Can't bear to let go of my piano though, it has always been a big part of my life. I hope you can find a way forward and keep going as a piano teacher. I wish you all the very best x


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