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Coming of Tramadol

Good afternoon I have been coming of Tramadol for approx 4 months now, I was on 200 mg a day now down to 50 mg.

I have been at this level for about 6 weeks or more now. I was doing really well till I got a chest infection and it has taken 3 lots of antibiotics to clear up as I have COPD.

With this chest problem my doctor said stay as you are till it's cleared, well that was over a week ago now and I seem to have lost that get up and go to come of the Tramadol :(

Really want to get back on track just 1 pill to go and I just can't face the struggle.

Made an appointment to see my doctor again on the 20 October really mad about myself but the thoughts of the withdrawal are making me down.

Any advice how to get back on track? I would really appreciate advice. Rose

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Hi Rose, I'm so glad you are finally over your chest infection. No wonder you feel a bit dispirited after being unwell for so long.

I think you should stop beating yourself up, you've done incredibly well so far, and you're on the last lap.

Why don't you give yourself a few days to get properly fit, and decide on a day next week when you will bite the bullet. Start taking it every other day, then every two days, until you build it up to the point that you forget to take it at all. There is no rush, just be kind to yourself.

Think of something you want, anything that would be a treat, and promise yourself that when you have finally got to the finishing post, you will get/do it.

I know you can do it, this last step seems scary, but you've been so brave to get as far as you have, there's no way you're going to give up now!!!

Thinking of you. Mavis xxx

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I second the support & good ideas Mavis has suggested! I started writing a reply & swiped my screen so lost the damned thing (not having a good day!) but I said very similar!! Just to add I guess you've made the appointment to ask about getting over this last hurdle? If so I would think your GP will be supportive so do be totally honest & explain as you have here, he may have options to help you with this last stage. You'll do it Rose, you're determination so far proves you will. ;) x


I agree, see your dr and he should be giving you the support you need. We are also here to support you as you make this journey. After all we all are going through we are probably the most understanding of your situation. Good Luck, stay strong and think back to what that motivation was you hadinitially to start on this journey.


Hi someonesmother going to the doctors on the 20th hope he givese the kick I need.

It's good to have this site to turn to as you say the ones on here are the ones in the know.

Hope your well and thank you for taking the time to get in touch. Rose x


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