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New campaign on remission!

Hi Everyone,

We are launching a great campaign next week and I just want to know in a couple of sentences what remission means to you. If you would like to send me a PM (with your first name if you are happy to give this), I'd like to add this to a bank of messages that we will release next week.

Here's some examples of what people are saying:

Di – “To be able to get up every day and know that I will be able to do everything I had planned.”

Mark - “Not being held back by pain.”

Eleanor – “That my life was back to how it was before I had RA - high heels and all!”

We are also encouraging family and friends and healthcare professional to share their messages as well.

I'll update you when the campaign is launched as I hope many of you will get involved and help us raise awareness of rheumatoid arthritis!

Many thanks,

Ruth Grosart

NRAS Digital Media Coordinator & HU Admin

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I'm just coming out of a wonderful 2 week remission....happy to give you my input! :)


Rheumy thought I was in remission but it was drug induced. They took me off all meds and I've been flaring since January. We still have to find the right biologic. I'm very suspicious of 'remission' now.


Hello Cathie! Your rheumy's reasoning seems very strange. I am in remission but my rheumy has made it very clear to me that I only feel so good because of the drugs. Whenever I mentioned stopping meds he said RA would come back. I never actually knew of remission that is not drug-induced. I figured RA is a chronic illness, i.e. only manageble with long-term medication? I'm confused!

I hope the'll find the right biologic for you very soon!!

Christine x


Like Cathie I'm unsure what remission actually means? It has never been mentioned by my rheumatologist. However I sense it is something entirely relating to my hands and wrists if his examinations are anything to go by.


Hi All,

Sorry that wasn't very clear! Clinical remission is a Disease Activity Score (DAS) of under 2.6 - ( ) but we would like to know what remission actually means for you ,i.e. being able to do things that RA have prevented you from doing. Here's some information about the campaign so far which includes some videos by our members

Hope that's explains it a bit better for you and I'll share what we are doing next week if you want to get involved :)




Remission is....being able to get out of bed in the morning without crying.

Remission is....being able to dress myself.

Remission is....losing the fear that my joints are slowly being destroyed.

Remission is....remembering what it's like to be 'me'.

Remission is....HEAVENLY!

(I am finally in clinical remission on double DMARD therapy combined with anti TNF injections.)


Hi Crashdoll,

That's great news, congratulations! If you are happy for me to share your message could you PM me your first name, or I can just put your username alongside it. Thank you and all the best, Ruth


it must be lovely


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