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Medication, Medication, Medication

Why can't they find just one tablet that sorts out RA.

I am so feed up with taking all these tablets every day and injections once a week. Hydroxychloriquine, Sulfasalasine and Methotrexate injections, together with the three tablets I take for high blood pressure and depression.

It would be so lovely to be able to take just one tablet and not have inflammed ankles, knees & wrists.

Sorry to moan but I hate taking all this medication.

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I know what you mean I was really resistant to taking all this medication at first. Now I just line it up with my breakfast as if it is just part of a normal routine which to be honest it is normal for people with RA. It is all the add on meds on top of the RA ones. But at the end of the day NO cure for RA and taking the meds stops further disability.

So keep on going it is annoying but think what you would be like without them. At least we do have new medication which can improve the quality of our lives.



Hiya ra-53. Wouldn't that be wonderful! Until one drug fits all try to look at it from another angle. I went through a period feeling like this after some more meds were added & must have moaned about it one morning too often & my h said if you don't want to take them then don't, suffer! Sorted me out, I started thinking back to when I had none for 3 months & soon shut up!! Not that it's of any consequence & it's not a competition but I take quite a few more than you & sure many others on here do too in an effort to keep us upright ! ;)

Your BP meds are necessary & are very important having RD, particularly if you take more than one type, as you need to keep your heart as healthy as possible & so really necessary in your case.

I know, you're having a moany groany day, I have them too so moan away, but sometimes we just need a jolt back to reality. :)


Hi Patsy and nomoreheels, Know what you mean just needed a moan.


That's the great thing about coming on here, people really do understand so we can vent without being misunderstood or thought wimpy!! I hope you didn't mind the reality check, now I've read it back it sounds a tad harsh, especially if you're feeling fed up too. I'm sure it'll pass if you are. :)


I often feel the same way. I have a friend who takes one shot of Enbrel once a wk and an NSAID as needed... And that's it! (and she's doing great on it! ) Unfortunately, Lymphona and heart disease runs rampid on both sides of my family so my rheumy won't chance the biologics. Ho-hum...Now if I could just get rid of that damn fatigue...One can always wish!


I feel your pain - I literally take my meds by the handful and then, just to add insult to injury I inject methotrexate as well. It gets me down but I keep taking them. Xx


borax and magnesium should cure your RA


also cut out dairy products.

to cure the high blood pressure you need to take sulphur coarse crystal flakes


to cure the depression is a lot harder cut out all forms of caffeine as this is the same shaped molecule as serotonin and blocks the uptake of it,

every morning walk on the ground barefoot for 15 minutes this will rebalance your energy with the earths and after a couple of months you will really notice the difference

the one drug cures all is a major flaw for the pharma drugs they give us, everybody needs a slightly different strength and if you get the balance wrong they just won't work, as well as the problem of heavy metals in our bodies, in a laboratory the testing is done without heavy metals they reckon out of the 205,000 pharma drugs that are on the market only 26 work.

you should also take nascent iodine a couple of drops every day 6 days on 1 day off use this for all the natural goodies that we put into our bodies. or take some watercress as this is high in iodine as long as the soil is good

high dose vitamin therapy reduces depression drastically

vitamins B6 B12 and folic acid B9 high dose for 3 weeks bananas and their skins (wash thoroughly due to pesticides) are high in these also lemon and limes with their skins as well brown rice is high in the B vitamins white rice is just starch or sugar and pretty much completely useless as food.

sardines are really good have about 3-4 days a week and try and have a smoothie for breakfast as raw food is alive and has enzymes that process the vitamins,

cooking food kills all the amino acids and vitamin c. and processed food is dead food that takes lots of nutrients and cellular water to counteract cereals and dairy are dead foods.


B1 deficiency for depression and irritability

B2 deficiency for depression

if you decide to follow this advice I would keep a diary so you are aware of the difference that will take place in your body as it repairs itself we soon forget the little aches and pains when they clear up.

go for a walk every day this releases endorphins which do exactly the same as the anti depressant drugs the doctors are so quick to give you.

if your really down go and sit in a park and stare at a tree for about half an hour and one last thing is read a book called Anastasia this book will well I'll let you find out only read the one that the link takes you to as there is another book which doesn't do the same thing. its about 37mb so its quite a large file if you don't have unlimited bandwidth



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