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Just back from Greece

We had a great holiday in Greece where the daily temperature was around 30c, it certainly made me feel better! I had more energy & didn't ache as much as I do here, although maybe the short course of Prednisilone 10mgs for 5 days helped.

The steroids also helped with the mossie bite inflammation - the mossies seemed to think I was gourmet food - you would have thought that with all the meds I'm on they wouldn't have liked the taste of me!

Still the short course did prove that my RA is not under control as my hands reduced in size & my feet, knees & ankles weren't as painful.

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Gosh you sound like me! I'm so glad you had a great holiday! I love Greece, such a beautiful country. It's weird that weather technically doesn't affect the RA scientifically but boy when I'm in the heat it helps so much. But my dad was the opposite, he would have preferred Alaska!


So pleased you had a great holiday. I so know what you mean about the warmth, it's wonderful on the joints but that coupled with humidity, now that's a different story!

I hope you report to your Rheumy that the steroids worked & from that question just how controlled you are without them. My Rheumy seems to think her idea of keeping me on low dose deflazacort is the best way to keep me controlled, I call it lazy doctoring! I'd be interested to hear what your Rheumy's next course if action is, if you down mind sharing!


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