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hip pain

Morning all

I'm just waiting for a call back from my doctors but I don't know if anyone can help. We took my daughter back to uni at the weekend up in York and as the weather was okay did quite a bit of walking. I had no problem with the walking and didn't feel any pain. However in the night I found that I couldn't lie on either hip and today they are painful to touch. Is it down to the RA do you think or might it be something else?


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It could be, my daughter just got sick and I am flaring which is so annoying as I need to help her! I think moving a child to Uni is always stressful too, I've done it twice so far and it's hard. And it could be the extra walking. She must be bright getting into York, congratulations xx

But yes it's a good idea just to get a check from a doctor in case it's something else.

Hope your daughter loves Uni! Trust me they actually do phone and want to come home with washing!

I have a trick someone passed onto me by a friend if they don't call. You text them with, hi , there's some money from Gran/dad/ auntie Jeannie here for you! The call will come within 5 mins!! It's worth the £20 for piece of mind lol.

Now you know I can be cheeky, I hope you get sorted soon xxx


Thanks Allanah x


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