RA and chronic fatigue

About this overwhelming exhaustion - I just thought I'd share with you, that the lady from the Sjogren's Assoc Helpline told me months ago, that she herself was on Hydroxychloroquine and it really helped the tiredness. Unfortunately, when I was on it, I came out in a severe rash - so that was stopped, obviously. But it might help some other people, hope so.

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  • I have been on it for 10 months and it has done nothing for my fatigue, pain or swelling. I hope I get to try something else soon after nearly 2 and a half years I am over this.

  • Same too for me. I've been on it since March and no change for the better. Off to the hospital on Wednesday so fingers crossed.

  • I don't go back to my rheumy til October which will be almost a year on it by then and I am not sure if he will put me on anything else. He was talking imuran as I can't have MTX due to liver problems. So apart from low dose steroids and plaquenil it just isn't working. I discovered toady that I am walking ion the sides of my feet as they are so sore! whoops that can't be good. Good luck and I hope you get some help soon.

  • For me getting the inflammation under control was the big step in helping overcome fatigue. So for the woman who found Hydroxy helped her fatigue, then maybe that was just the positive effect of controlling her disease too.

    Hydroxy helped me a bit but on it's own was nowhere near enough to control my disease... Hope you both get something else.

  • I haven't had it but when I got my Orencia it really has helped with the tiredness so I hope you get the treatment that suits you best too. I have Sjogrens too , might have a look at the association, they sound helpful x

  • They are helpful - NRAS pointed me to them too when my eyes were really dry. Also the Sjogren's World forum is very good although I can never remember my password! Many on Lupus UK and Sjogren's World absolutely swear by Hydroxichloraquine - unfortunately, like you I had a severe rash on my face from it so had to come off. Fatigue is overwhelming just now for me too.

  • I have never found that Hydroxy helped with my fatigue, and i am pleased that I nolonger take it.

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