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I may be trying for my RA , Simponi Aria! Has anyone tried or taking this?

After trying to get Enbrel , and not getting any funding to help pay for it right now.

My doctor is now checking on a different drug called Simponi Aria . And wants to do IV infusions ! He's thinking the insurance may pay more if it's a IV infusion!!

Any way just wondering if any one has any information on taking it??? Thanks!!!

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I'm afraid I haven't got experience of that one, I'm on Orencia infusions and go into the hospital day unit. They make sure I am well first then put up the I've, some take up to 8 hours but mine is just one hour, an hour recovery that is DIY with a cup of tea and then home. But I don't know of your specific treatment. But good luck with it and hope this treatment is the one for you!


Are you in the US? You may have more luck with a response if you google search for a USA RA forum, this forum is UK based and funding issues are very different and some of the drugs may differ or have different names.


Yes I am in the USA, I got approved for Enbrel by my insurance , but my copay was still a lot of money!! All the RA assistance groups are out of money until the first of the year!, and that is to long to wait for treatment!!

I will check and see if there is any USA RA forum!, Thanks!,


You could try Creaky Joints - I believe they have a good forum and are US based.


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