Methotrexate and pregnancy?

Hi everyone! I just got diagnosed with RA and have been prescribed prednisone,plaquinil and methotrexate . I just have a question.... I have been taking the RA meds just for a week(except for prednisone since October ) but I'm suspecting I could be it dangerous for the fetus? If I do find I'm pregnant should I stop the meth and carry on or is it already too late?

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  • Stop it. Have a look at NRAS website for the leaflet on MTX.

    Contact your consultant as soon as you can. You just changed everything.


    I will look up the leaflet and post it here in a minute.


    Link as promised. I repeat DO NOT take your MTX. You can miss a dose while you get checked out.


  • Thank you so much! I will check myself out this week... Hopefully it will all be ok

  • Stop MXT

  • And hydroxychloroquin

    You need to contact your local Rhuematology department asap

  • Stop taking mtx and speak to your doctor. There are other meds you can use that aren't as dangerous for your baby and you. If you haven't miscarried you can continue your pregnancy using sulfasalazine. I'm not a doctor, I'm just a woman that cares for you and your baby.

    Mtx is used to induce abortions in the first few weeks of a pregnancy.

  • Stop it straight away.

    Best of luck with things.

  • You cant be on the methotrexate if pregnant, contact doc

  • Stop taking immediately!! And get tested, best of luck xx

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