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Oh, my Dad stresses me out. He went & got himself lost on a mountain yesterday & was out all night in rain, sleet, & fog. He loves climbing 14K mountains in his home state of Colorado.

My StepMom called me about 6 pm last night & said he was lost. His phone worked for a short time then died. They had ATVs and helicopters looking for him until about 10 pm then they called off the search because of weather & it got dark.

They finally found him this afternoon about Noon & he was unhurt, just wet, cold, and hungry.

Needless to say, I had a sleepless night worrying about him and hoping that bears & mountain lions & rattlesnakes would stay away from him.

My Smom told me to call my siblings this morning so that was very stressful & I couldn’t give them much info because we just didn’t know anything yet. At least, I got to call them all again this afternoon & tell them that he was found & fine.

Whew, what a long 24 hours this has been! My hands are getting stiffer by the moment as I’m typing this. Hopefully I can get some better sleep tonight & avoid a full-fledged flare.

I finally got to talk with him about an hour ago & he’s laughing about it. Holy Cow, I’m not laughing, maybe tomorrow-but not yet.

Happy though that all is good & they can continue on their vacation. Can you believe that they are going to climb another couple of mountains while they are there?

Another adventure for his & my memoirs, I guess.


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You poor thing, yes these parents can be a worry... he is probably laughing so he wont feel foolish. It would be hard to front up and admit he worried the crap out of everyone including himself. Has he got a separate GPS tracker? Might be a good thing for him for fathers day if he is going to continue going into the wilderness and climb mountains.

I hope you get a great sleep now you know he is ok.


Poor you Christine - I hope he does get GPS as Gail suggests and learns his lesson despite his apparent flippancy about it all. X


Hi Christne

very sorry to hear about your Dads ordeal. my advice is to have a very relaxing day with a meditation session and maybe a long soak in the bath tub to try get your anxiety levels down. my fingers and toes are crossed that you don't flare.

very happy to hear your Dad is ok

best wishes



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