Today i'm mostly topping up my happy-o-meter

Today i'm mostly topping up my happy-o-meter

It's amazing what a dip in pain levels can do!

That yucky dark patch that happened last week is well and truly behind me. At lot of people here were wonderful and helped so much.

This morning, before 8am, I swam 1.2 kilometers non stop, I also found out that the blog article I wrote recently for Sainsburys has been published by them!! I'm feeling awesome. Yes my wrists still hurt, yes my ankles are creaking and clicking but it's discomfort more than pain.

I am hoping this reprieve lasts at least a few more days, so I can top up my reserves of energy and positivity and I can help to sprinkle a bit of happiness and positivity over other people who are having a hard time.

Ups and downs, thankfully result in a semblance of balance.

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  • So pleased for you, you deserve a pain holiday! Hope it's the start of something good! M x

  • Aw thank you hatshepsut :)

  • Hi ShellyWelly,

    so pleased that you are feeling so much better this week!


    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Thanks Beverley :) xx

  • Nice to see you are doing a lot better, just keep :)

    marcus6 x

  • Thank you marcus6 - i'm thinking happy thoughts and will definitely keep it up. I hate being grumpy, it's so much nicer to be happy and bouncy :)

  • Great stuff - long may it last!

  • I've got my fingers crossed, well on my left hand anyway, can't cross my fingers on my right hand any more lol :D

  • Great to here. Hope it rubs off on some of us x

  • I'm hoping so Crazyjo! x

  • That is good news.

  • Indeed! When the pain is just in my hands and wrists I can cope much better. I think those steroids really helped as i'm wearing all of my rings today for the first time in weeks too! :D x

  • Steroids help me too - only downside is when I taper them I'm back to where I was so on them long term now :( Ah well better than the pain of RD I suppose :) Now if only OA was as accommodating ha!!

  • Hi there

    I'm chuffed to bits for you after the horrible week you had. Please may it last, and you carry on enjoying yourself for as long as possible.

  • Thank you Footdoc x

  • That's so good! It's a learning curve this 'being ill' lark, sounds like you're learning pretty fast how to beat it!

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