Has anyone ever been told not to use. Metx pen if there crp or esc was above normal I went on last Monday to get training for metx pen had a phone call from rummy nurse yesterday saying these were. High and asked to go to my health centre to get repeat blood tests and. Urine test as I must have infection. And if I had she could,nt gave me my injection. On Monday I'm sure I took the tabs when I had infections I know there are some antiboc. You can,t take when metx thanks in advance

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  • I am on metx but in tablet form and I have been told by rummy never to take metx when on antibiotics of any sort. Maybe this is just my rummy as I had seen that other people have been told it's ok.

  • I was told it was okay as long as the person prescribing the antibiotics knew about MTX as there are some antibiotics you can't take with this DMARD.

  • It. Is hard. To know. As the don,t. Seem to agree on thing,s. I was told about one antibioic Can,t. Remember. The name. Thank,s for the reply

  • But your CRP and/or ESR would also be raised if you have inflammation, not that you necessarily have an infection. I would have thought that they would have decided once they see your full blood results as the white cell count is likely to be abnormal if you have an infection. Clemmie

  • Trimethoprim (often prescribed for UTIs) cannot be taken with Methotrexate.

  • Thanks for the reply I knew there was one but could,t remember its name

  • I agree with clemmie if you have RA your crp is likely to be raised. Good of your nurse to send you to check you don't have an infection, my nurse relies on me to see my gp if I have symptoms. The thing about stopping mtx if you are on antibiotics is to give you chance to heal. Mtx is an immune suppressor so if you have a bug you need your immune system fully operational to fight the bug.

  • Went to health centre yesterday got bloods done and urine rummy Nurse will let me know if I can get my 2an metx injection. Thanks for your reply

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