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Me again... Edinburgh city council help


Had a blacksmith round just now - what a thrill! They're going to install a handrail on the three steps outside my front door so that I'm a bit more autonomous. This is something they do for FREE. Worth finding out what happens elsewhere because this is a great thing. We had scaffolding outside the front door recently and it transformed my life - in a good, but temporary way.

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Wow darling that will be lovely for you when its

Sounds good to me. Any thing that helps us be more independent can only be good. X

We had that done as we have three steps into our porch from the drive. The people who assessed my m-i-l's needs arranged it as she had Parkinson's & I now I find it so helpful. Hope you do to.

my council wouldn't even give me the white plastice ones that you put outside your door steps.......

I had this done at front and back doors. They also put bannisters up our stairs. Really has been a lifesaver!!!. Arranged by the OT at my hospital installed by the local council for free. M x

I suspect it varies between local authorities. I think the best will try to do it for free because it saves on the health budget!

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