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i just lost my IB and appeald and now been put on ESA at a rate of £71 a week witch is £35 less than i was on and had my coulcil tax go up from nothing to £82 a month was told beacuse im no longer on IB i do not get the extra £43 the laws says i need to live on... so im £140 a month worse of and have to find extra money for council tax and housing. but there wont say why i dont get there just say its how it is now... anybody else know about this

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  • Get in touch with your local authority housing benefit office, this has got to be an error as housing benefit is based on household income not benefit entitlement. Below is a link to CAB housing benefit page giving more information.

    Beth x

  • thank you

  • its the houseing benefit that says no longer entitled to it ill ring em again and try CAB thank you

  • These days a lot of the call centre staff are temp and untrained in the complexities of the system so go to CAB office and for their ask their help in sorting this out.

    I've had major disagreements with DWP office and housing benefit over my entitlement and amount of benefit due, it was only when I spoke to managers it was eventually sorted in my favor.

    If you go onto your local authorities website and look at the housing benefit section there might be a housing benefit calculator, you can enter your details in and work out entitlement. If your not very good on computers, if you private message me the area where you live and if your in private or social housing I'll check for you.

    Good luck

    Beth x

  • I know that the rules are changing on housing benefit, thought this was coming into force in April next year. Those changes are on how many bedrooms you have vacant. Definitely seek advice. Good luck.

  • thanx

  • They might have automatically cancelled the housing and council tax benefit when you went off IB, but you could still be eligible for other reasons (low income). It just might be that you have to reapply to get your new circumstances taken into account. I'd get to the council office as soon as possible and put in a new application.

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