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Do I need a new knee

Can any body help me? I dew to go and have a knee replacement in September but not sure of o need it,these are my results..moderate degenerative changes affect of present within the medial compartment of the tibia femoral articulion with consideral narrowing of the joint space on standing.minimal osteophytic lipping at the articulate margin of the patella..does that sound to you that I need a new knee...thank you in advance if any body can understand all that

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I think it's down to how much pain you are in? I was once offered an operation for the top of my foot, but once I knew what was wrong with it, I managed to find shoes that don't hurt my foot. I understand that for you it's your knee but it all depends whether you can cope with the pain from it. I think ultimately that this is the deciding factor?

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Hi Laceygreen, I haven't had a knee replacement, but have had neurosurgery & 3 hip replacements. The reason I opted for surgery was because the pain was unbearable, preventing me from doing things. Only you know how much pain you are in and how much longer you can tolerate that pain and not being able to do things. Your surgeon obviously thinks your knee is degenerated enough for surgery, looking at x-rays etc. to have put you on the list. Maybe you could telephone your surgeon's secretary and ask his Nurse Practitioner to speak to you.


I think it all depends on how much pain you are in. I was told by both my RA and Orthopaedic consultants that I needed both knees replacing some years ago but decided not to have the operations as I felt I could deal with the pain. Because knee replacements do have a limited life I felt that the later I had one the better, depending on my health at the time.

I finally had my right knee replaced last year, 6 years after first diagnosis. I am having the left one done in 2 weeks time.


it sounds to me that the inside part is wearing which is the medial part depends how long it has taken to do this ie years questions i would have asked is their still cartlidge their on the midial

it sound like your lateral compartment the outside is good (so this must be giving a bit of pain also at the inside of the ankle with wear at the midial of the knee The lipping they talk about is the cartlidge overhanging to the front part of the knee this would give pain to the front of the knee just below or above the knee cap If you are still able to walk good and distance on this if it was me i would not have this done but it depend on how much pain this is causing you at this point of time some people can put up with it others cant it just depends on your pain threshold so to speak.

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I don't know how old you are, but if the dr thinks you need a replacement then why wouldn't you go for it. Pain is no more, and as long as you follow the physios advice you will be up and at 'em quicker than you think. Knee replacements are harder work than hips as there is a lot of bruising and swelling. You just have to work through it, and do all the exercises, and bending your new knee as they like you to have 90 degree bend.

If you go for it, you will not regret it as you will feel like part of the human race again !


Hi, I had a new knee 3 months ago. For me it was a no-brainer, I was in constant excruciating pain, and I am so grateful for the relief. So it was the right decision. I am progressing well, but it's hard work!

However, I've met other people who have been bitterly disappointed after the same op. It is a big decision, and only you know just how bad your pain is.Remember that it isn't a now or never situation, if you feel unsure, and perhaps want to explore physio options, it won't close the door to surgery at a later date. It's vital not to feel pressured.

So take your time, discuss your options, and try to make the decision you are happy with.

Whatever happens, good luck! M x


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