I have been diagnosed with AMD I was advised to take tablets containing Lutein & zeaxanthin,I'm also taking 20mg Methotrexate 40mg Humira 60-120mg Arcoxia, unfortunately when I take tabs for my eyes they seem to knockout my meds for RA and I have a bad flare,anybody else had this problem or suggestions as to other meds for AMD (Macular Degeneration) Thank You Rose x

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  • My mum had AMD, but the wet one, and I guess you have dry AMD? So no great suggestions I'm afraid apart from eating lots of vegetables and wearing sunglasses to protect from further damage. But very surprised that the vitamins/minerals you're taking are affecting the RD meds - I'd have thought it would be the other way round! have you spoken to your rheumy team about this, as they probably have other patients with both conditions. And it could just be coincidence of course, and your RD meds need tweaking for some other reason? But hope you get answers.

  • Thank you for your reply, unfortunately my left eye has gone too far for the injections but I'm trying out meds to keep the right one from going the same way ,but they seem to be antioxidant which take out the toxins in the body as we know methotrexate is highly toxic so will have to keep on with the greens and ask the rheumy nurse for suggestions


  • Morning Rose. Sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with AMG & I agree with helix advice about vegetables particularly leafy greens & carrots (remember your mum saying carrots will help you see in the dark?). Were AntiVEGF meds not suggested to you? There's no med which could cure it unfortunately but these can help with reducing progression, but I would be having regular check ups with an optician, more than the recommended 2 years anyway. This may have already been suggested but meantime I'd be seeking further advice.

  • Thank you for your reply as I said to helix if I can't find an answer will ask the rheumy nurse. Rose

  • So sorry to hear it's gone too far in your left eye. Guess it came on relatively quickly. You're doing all you can to help your right eye so think it's the best idea to ask your Rheumy team regarding contraindications with your RD meds. I do hope you get some positive advice.

  • Thank you,yes been having yearly eye tests and started taking the eye meds,but stopped them when I started having the flare ups.Rosex

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