Been to see lower body Ortho Surgeon today, after x-rays and MRI scan, left knee shows cartledge damage, but fortunately for me, not enough for a replacement, as yet. I am told this will be become inevitable. I was told to "keep healthy" - how do you do that with RA? Use a stick, although he understands a lot of people my age (57) would not like to do this, and wait for more damage to unfold! Great! Muffin.

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im in the same position am 58 tommorrow had a clean up 2 years ago last year physio can rarly walk some days rhuemy says wouldnt be good recovery doc says more physio its joke with the pain i live up 15 stairs and stairs indoors its murder keep ushing i say xxxxx


I too was told that I'd need knee replacements quite soon. That was over two years ago. I realise you may have great trouble walking, let alone any other form of exercise, but you really need to examine all possible options. My knees have been very swollen, solidly, for nearly 3 years. But I do exercise - a lot!

As soon as you become less active, the muscles that support the knee joints will weaken. And then they can't hold the two sides of the joint apart as firmly as they should so cartilage comes under even more pressure and can deteriorate rapidly.

If the surgeon wants you to 'keep healthy' and you don't feel able to do this, then the same surgeon should refer you for PT for advice and exercise. If he won't, then try your rheumy or GP, but please don't give up. Being less active sets up a vicious cycle in terms of strength, but getting more active does the opposite - it just gets easier and easier. I have severe secondary osteoarthritis in both knees and will never be able to run again but I can now walk up hills, do tai chi, cycle, swim etc. Get more advice and look after them knees!

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Back to my Tai chi and the best exercise you can do. BUT do tell the instructor you have RA etc If you don't want to do this do make sure you walk and if sitting make sure you at least stretch your legs every ten minutes and wriggle your toes and make the feet go up and down to stretch the calf muscles. Find your own equilibrium. You will do so I am sure as you sound very positive and determined.


Hazel needs a new knee joint although she is only fifty seven. They say still to young, come back when sixty or so. they will only do it earlier if it becomes more severe. I know they prefer to to do it as a last resort when in late fifties .because of problems later on. So she will just have to carry on with paracetamol etc for a time.



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