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Flare after fractured wrist?


Hi everyone. Not been on for ages. My symptoms which had been quite severe, settled after a course of three depo injections. Four weeks ago I sustained a nasty fracture to my wrist which was manipulated under entenox in a A & E. Then a couple of weeks later they decided to manipulate it again as it was setting at an angle but decided not to give me pain relief for some reason. Not good. I am now flaring again but this has happened very quickly this time and I wondered if having the fall/fracture may have been a catalyst for this. Has anyone else experienced anything like it? Gonna have fun getting my wrist (right) moving again, it feels really stiff.

Love to All



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Hi Caroline, I've never actually broken a bone, but I'd had fusions of both wrists, 8 fingers & most of my toes. Sometimes they still flare a bit--turn red & ache but it never lasts long for me.

Best of luck to you,


Definitely! Any such trauma or stress can induce a flare up. I have personal experience of it from operations inducing flares. I've noticed it as well with my blood sugar control. I have Type 1 diabetes and stress or trauma definitely affects that. In fact, any autoimmune condition can be affected by it.

Thanks. I thought it probably could. :-(

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