111 were my saviours!!!

So, thurs and Fri night I was in excruciating Fri 1am I had had about 2 hrs sleep in 48....I couldn't cope anymore. Decided to ring 111.

The lady I spoke to was very friendly and she got my local hospital RPH to ring me within half an hour. By 2am I was taxi'ing to primary care where I saw a lovely doctor....he looked at all my painful joints, took temp and blood pressure. And talked to me. He didn't look pleased when he asked why my doc had given me codrydamol and nothing else.

Anyway, he gave me steroids tabs there and then and I now have diclofenac which works a bit better. Just awaiting my specialist appoint on tues now.

I am glad I rang 111 because I finally got some sleep!!!!!!

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It's good to hear the success of 111. They have had a tough start. Delighted you got appropriate treatment and some well deserved sleep.

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Great I am so pleased you rung them.

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They were amazing!!!


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