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Physio/ podiatry

Hi all

Was diagnosed with psa in Aug last year, after a few years of symptoms. Got sent for podiatry, hand therapy and back physio. I never heard back from podiatry , went for hand therapy and never bothered with the back physio as it was a healthy back course and I was feeling so ill I didn't want to travel far to the hospital.

My question is I am thinking I should have pursued this. So is it worth me asking to be re-referred. Has anyone had any luck with physio/ podiatry?All comments/experiences appreciated

Thanks x

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Definitely get the physio. I have PsA and I have found a great physio. Also yoga is great. The physio can show you ways of adapting exercises so you are able to do them. I certainly know it when I haven't done my exercises enough! It really makes a difference. Clemmie


Thanks :)


If you don't want to go for the physio, you can get appropriate back exercises for spondyloarthritis (of which PsA is one type, and ankylosing spondylitis is another) from the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society: They have a booklet I think you can order, or you can download exercises from the website, or they have a new exercise app you can download as well. Daily gentle stretching exercises are strongly recommended for any kind of spondyloarthritis and can really make a difference in how flexible you remain, so its incredibly important you do them regularly. If you can get access to a physio who understands spondyloarthritis, then it can be really good to kick start your home exercise programme with some help from a physio. The healthy back programme would probably have included a lot of the right kind of exercises, but it would be better if you can get more specialist advice, as sometimes some of the usual exercises can be a bit tough on a spondy back.


Pt is very helpful, but don't forget the benefits a good podiatrist can bring. I have had inserts for my shoes, andspecial customised shoes. It's amazing how much difference they have made to my mobility. I also get my toe nails cut regularly. It's a great service! Take advantage of it! M x


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