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Muscle spasms

I've had sciatica for the last 7 weeks or so. It eased up a bit the last couple of weeks but has returned today as bad as ever, which is pretty bad! Currently can't sit for more than a few minutes and very painful when i walk. I've had to go back on stronger pain relief - morphine and diazepam, which I hate taking.

Since I've had the sciatica I've been getting frequent localised spasms/acute twitches or whatever they are called (i'm not sure of the correct term?) lasting a second or two in various parts of my body. They can occur in different spots in my legs, feet, hands and arms, and ocasionally shoulders, and mostly happen when i'm relaxing, especially when I'm beginning to drift into sleep. My limbs jump and seem to have a life of their own and it's starting to concern me a bit as it seems to be happening more often.

Am I correct thinking these spasms might be caused by the sciatica affecting the nerves? .

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Hi wishbone i had sciatica down both legs i could hardly move from 1 room to another.Hubby phoned GP who seen me straight away tried a few things.To cut a long story short when i seen my RA doc she more concerned .She had me go into hospital the same day for tests the outcome was 2 discs at the bottom off my spine were shaved.Feeling a lot better but left with back pain that i will just have to live with but it is a lot easier than nerve pain of sciatic which was unbearable still get the jumps as i call them in my legs they are a bit more twitches .Hope this helps and you feel better soon


Sorry beeckey, I overlooked your reply. I'm a very sloooow typer as well so please bear with me.

As you can see from my reply below - rheumy don't appear to be interested.

I am in a similar position to what you were as far as pain, jumps (that's a good term to describe them) :) and not being able to move

around much (other than medical appointments, which were an ordeal to keep, I have been housebound since sciatica started) The exception being (to cut a long rather frustrating story short) is that it took over a fortnight of being in agony for me to be assessed in hospital and get adequate pain relief!... I felt totally abandoned as did my wife!

Thank you for your reply and I'm so glad you are feeling better. :) This sciatica is the worst prolonged pain I have ever had and I've had quite a few nasty RA flare--ups over the years.

edit.... I only have it in one leg and that's bad enough. It must have been truly dreadful to have it in both!! :( :(


Hi wishbone

I agree with above and you should probably seek advice from your rheumy. Sciatica is pain from the sciatic nerve which runs from the lower spine and down the back of your leg so could be this nerve is getting pinched or trapped somewhere,possibly where it leaves the spine? Pains are often worse when drifting off because your muscles which normally protect the joints begin to relax.

Good luck and hope you get it sorted soon x


Thanks for that Beaches2.

Rheumy doesn't want to know!... which surprised me a little.

My GP is aware of my sciatica but not of the spasms, which weren't happening when I last saw her a month ago (I see her again on 21st) I've had an x-ray which was fine and will be having an MRI scan on 23rd. I've had a bit of discomfort around the base of my spine for a couple of years, which is worse now, and have never bothered mentioning it, so this might be the source of my problem(?) I posted here because I was unsure what these spasms were and was starting to get a bit worried.



The MRI will give more detailed info so that should give you some answers. Sciatica mostly comes from some sort of damage/swelling at the base of the spine which presses on the nerve causing the pain down your leg. Sometimes it's difficult to tell where nerve pain is coming from as you can feel it anywhere along the path of the nerve.

Good luck with the scan x


Thanks Beaches2. Fingers crossed it's nothing too serious....


HI yes the scans should should show things up more.I have never mentioned the jumpy legs to docs so not sure if it is connected.Hope you find out more from your scans.Keep us informed good luck


Thanks beeckey, will update as things unfold.


I find that when i have a lot of pain in one or more bits of me, other parts often tense up to cope with extra strain. This will often trigger (ha,ha) spasms like a short cramp or a twitching in a muscle elsewhere.

Doing relaxation techniques helps me.


Hi, Jumps or maybe jolts is as good a term as any to describe what I'm hands, arms, legs etc literally jump and move, sometimes for an inch or so. They do occur in my leg when I am tensed up and having a severe bout of pain, which usually occurs in my buttock at the same time, but these are not as acute or frequent as the ones i get when more relaxed and drifting into sleep. Recently I 've also been getting a tingling sensation in my lower leg and foot. I'm trying not to worry but it's all getting a bit scary to be honest. :(


hello,sorry for your pain,I have been suffering from sciatica for over 15 years,I went to my chiropractor and got ultra sounds treatments,they worked awesome,it took a while but the pain went away,I still have flare ups once in a while. Ask your doctor about physical therapy,and they will teach you some stretching exercises,they are really beneficial to keeping the pain at bay....Good Luck and Feel Better .....


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