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Hi all, here's the latest with my on going saga with MTX. Spoke to Rheumy nurse last week and she has phoned me today, saying that my consultant wants me to try either salfasalazine or leflonumide (sorry about the spellings) as I have had to stop MTX due to the side effects and he doesn't think the injections would be much better. Even had to have my hair cut shorter due to losing it (not amused). The nurse is sending me some literature about these meds. and then I have to decide which one to go for, any insight into these DMARDS greatly accepted.

I have my next appointment with consultant next week so will discuss with him the next step. Not very happy with how things are going at the moment, still in a lot of pain with hands, fingers and toes and very swollen. Do have splints from OT which help a bit.

Will up date you when I've seen consultant next week.

Thanks for listening, sorry for rambling on. Again.


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