Hi Folks. Am new to this site, and just wondered if anyone is taking methatrexate and Flunomide aswell (not sure of spelling)

Ive had RA for about 10 years, although only diagnosed when I pestered my gp for the blood test. Not very well controlled, got an ongoing flare up at the moment thats lasted 6 weeks so far, moves from joint to joint....driving to distraction

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  • Hi, I've had RA for 28 years and Sjogren's Syndrome for 26 years. I was on both Methotrexate (25mls injections) every week and one 10mg Leflunomide tablet every day. I stayed that way for 5 years until I had to stop the Methotrexate in January 2013 (I had to have chemotherapy) Currently just taking Leflunomide. It takes a while to get into your system.

  • Thanks for your reply. Do you have any side effects from the methatrexate? I dont find it does much for me on its own.

  • Hiya & welcome. You don't say how long you've been on Methotrexate & Leflunomide but it could be that particular combination isn't working too well for you. Many of us have tried different cocktails before finding one that suits. It could be that your Rheumy may try you on another DMARD with MTX, they usually like to go this route first. Bear in mind that some time is needed to for the drugs to get a hold & start helping with pain, swelling etc. Are they giving you any tablets for pain relief at all? In the meantime rest up as much as possible & you can always see your GP if it gets too much. Are you due to see your Rheumy any time soon?

  • Hi, and thanks for the welcome. Been on methatrexate for 5 years, still waiting for the leflunomide. Recently given diclofenac and co-codamol for pain, and always make sure I eat before taking the NSAID. I'm a green bowler in my leisure time and have a really important game coming up, just hope my joints are ok in a couple of weeks. Ive tried magnetic bracelets too, but the blooming thing keep getting attracted to the chair and hauled off!!! ha ha

  • When I started on Metho, I was on tablets. I had severe nausea, dizzy spells and blackouts. which is why they put me on injections. What dose are you on at the moment? I started on 10mg and gradually built up to 15 which is when I had the side effects. As my rheumy wanted to increase my dose to 20mg, she decided injections would suit me better. I was told to take paracetomol for my pain.

  • I'm on 25mg tablets, tried the injections but had trouble doing it, crazy coz I'm a nurse, I'm told I also have osteoarthritis in my neck and back...anyone got a gun? Not due to see my Rheum chap till july.

  • It's a shame you had trouble doing the injections most people tolerate it so much better this way. I assume you're taking folic acid. Your problems may improve once you start on Leflunomide but that doesn't help you at the moment does it. Do you have contact with a Rheumy nurse? If you have it might be a good idea to ring & explain how you all that's happening. You don't mention if you take a bisphosphonate for your osteoporosis. Might be worth asking your Rheumy in July if you don't, it will protect you for the future. My Rheumy advised it at my appointment & I've just started taking it (once weekly) with a chewable Calcium/Vit D daily as I've been on long term steroids & also have osteoarthritis in my spine & neck & a little in my hands. My body's cocktail of choice is 15mg methotrexate weekly, folic acid every day except injection date, delfazacort daily, etoricoxib on prn basis, co-codamol again prn, omeprazole & bisphosphonate weekly & adcal-D3 daily.

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