having steroid injection on Thursday number 2

I am having a steroid injection on Thursday number 2 in frozen shoulder cause the first one didn't do any thing , I have been given 2 different advice what to do after it is done one doctor says rest completely for at least 48 hours ( has in do nothing and the 2nd one says exercise it ten times on the hour every hour , what advice would you give me I tried the exercise one last time but seem to make it more pain full HELP

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Sorry no experience of steroid injections personally but my father had corticosteroid injections for a frozen shoulder (old goalkeeping injury) & he used to rest up a day at least & introduce some gentle exercise in the following days to prevent it seizing up.

Hope all goes well this time & you get some benefit.


Hi suqui

As nomoreheels has said, advice I was given was to rest up for 24 hours to try and keep the steroid in the area where it is needed. If you move the joint too much the first day the steroid can disperse into the body and not do its job. After that start exercising the shoulder while the pain is hopefully relieved. Good luck and I hope it works for you this time x


who told you to exercise as that is crazy!! I have high steroids all my life and all I can say it should be rested to not damage further and to just do little it takes for me at least 2 weeks to work but this is for whole body not targeted one, when I had the targeted ones in knees as child it didn't work as never rested it and due to different culture had no help or right help so had to learn hard way and now so traumatized of what found out and when went paralylsed the info that's out there its so sad not told or given the info, never believe what drs say they are not consultants and do miss serious probs they are human and no one can be certain so always get 3rd and 4th opinions (ask physio just a thought to pop in there) no matter how much you think your being a pest as its your body and life as I was very shy and worried to ask for help as with this disease and many others pride and dignity gets in way ! If I never got more opinions I would be quad by now Im moving again through own determined nature but Im struggling with boredom as waiting ops so I want to work and I can not seem to get any help to work from home crazy!! When in so much pain put something funny on to watch as helps pain humour is great as we know, rest it as I would and be patient good luck I get one Monday but hate the side effects : ) le me know if it helps anyway ..............


I am always told to rest the joint for a couple of days to let the medication work . X


I was advised to rest for 48 hrs which I did and steroid injection lasted for about 6 months


I'm not had injections in the shoulder but have in the hip and elbow (do not recommend latter unless pain is so bad you're thinking of sawing your arm off). I was advised to use the joint as little as possible for the first 24 hours so the steroid could stay in the joint and do it's work. Hope the second jab gives you some relief this time x


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