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Anybody had a Cheilectomy of the 5th tarsal bone?

Following a triple ankle fusion last September it had set slightly in the wrong position. I've just had the end of my little toe bone ground down. My foot was rolling slightly so that there was a great amount of pressure on that bony bit about halfway down the outside of the side and sole of my foot. Anybody else had this done and what was your recovery like?

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hello cattledog- No I have not had this horrid treatment, was due to have ankle fused, but have decided against the operation, my foot is also rolling over and ankle pain sometimes is unbearable. Looking for some kind of ankle support, most of them are unsuitable in some way or other. but hope you get your probs: sorted good luck bluetit33


Thanks for your reply bluetit. The triple ankle surgery actually went well. Healed well with no infection. ( I have Type 1 Diabetes as well ). It was just set at a slightly wrong angle. After the op I had no pain from the ankle at all. The pain was coming from the extra pressure on the end of the little toe bone. It was supposed to be a minor op to grind down the bone with full weight bearing after the op.

It's over a week now and can't put any weight on it at all. I've been put on antibiotics and will be seeing the surgeon again tomorrow afternoon. I am completely fed up to say the least!


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