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Foot/ankle fusion when knee replacement also likely soon. Anyone had both done (not at the same time!)?

Hi all -I have looming on the horizon a possible triple foot fusion on my right foot. I also have decrepit knees and have been advised I will need knee replacement/s in a couple of years if things keep progressing as they are. I know that several people have had the knee replacements but is there anyone who also has had foot fusions? How quickly did your feet and or knees go down hill once they were grating and locking (and very painful)? I am only 42 and feel older than my mother!

This is all due to secondary OA from joints previously damaged by RA.

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I had my r. Big toe fused, due to OA, it was during that op that the surgeon noticed the RA, so I had that official diagnosis soon after. I had suffered with my toe for a few year's. Then I had a total knee replacement about 4 yrs ago...had been suffering OA in both knees (and everywhere else) for donkey's years (arthritis began in my 20s). Had to wait till I was 60 for my knee, so suffered a long time. Not overly happy with my replacement, due to kneecap movement, so I think I will give the left knee replacement a miss, lol


Hi Pands

I have had RA for fourteen years, so now also have OA in ankles and knees. I had my right ankle fused about seven years ago. I no longerhave any pain in that ankle.

But unfortunately still have pain everywhere else!

I am forty now. I remember the rheumatologist saying I was too young for an ankle replacement.

I also feel older than my Mum!




Hi, I had a triple fusion ( triple arthrodesis) two years ago. I had to have this procedure done so that when I have my ankle replaced they will have a stable base to work from. The op itself was fine, and I was in hospital 5 days ( could have been discharged sooner but it was a weekend & had to wait til the monday for a prescription!)

I was in a non-weight bearing plaster cast for 3 months - nobody informed me it would be so long, during the first month I had the worst flare up in years, & my knees have never been right since, I now need them replacing.

I won't lie, but for me I found it hard going, I had to use a computer chair to scoot around the house, and as for getting up the stairs... :/

It has been sucessful in that it has stopped my foot collapsing but not to the knock on effect to my knees.

I'm sorry if my experience sounds grim and I don't want to put you off but just make sure you get all the help you can including social services if needed.

If you have any questions just ask, but look at the bigger picture and think how you may benefit from it in the future.

Good luck xx


Thanks for your replies and sorry it has taken so long acknowledge. I have had no web access for a while (well not so as I could reply to say thanks anyway). Off to see consultant tomorrow morning so see what my x-rays show in terms of joint damage and fusions and see what he says... Best wishes


i had my ankle fused last year, I was in the cast for 6 weeks then the boot for 3 months and the swelling still happening every day since then. I am now having injections in other joints in the ankle so this is not a short time fix . be prepared for months of swelling and pain. I have also had both knees replaced and that was a lot easier to recover from than the ankle fusion.


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